Secondary Water

Secondary Water (Irrigation Water) is available from La Verkin City.  Please call (435) 635-2581 for more information.
Secondary water goes out of the system Nov. 15, 2020. Please clean your lines out so they don't break during the winter freezes.
Water goes back into the system March 15, 2021.

To see a copy of the city code concerning the Secondary (Irrigation) Water, La Verkin Bench Canal Co - La Verkin City Agreement, Exchange agreement application and La Verkin Secondary Master Plan 2010 Final Report, click on the links below.

Unmetered does not mean Unlimited by Mayor Karl Wilson, (2006-2013)

We truly live in “The Beautiful Valley,” as our city logo proudly proclaims. Each time I drive into town and look upon this oasis among the red rocks, I am amazed by what I see. I feel blessed to live here.
Water plays an essential role in making the lush vegetation possible. We live in one of the more arid portions of the second-driest state in the country; yet it’s so beautiful and green here! I admire the foresight of our forefathers, who envisioned what this community could become and who worked so hard to bring culinary and irrigation-class water to the LaVerkin Bench. We are the beneficiaries of that foresight and hard work.
We have very good water, and—so long as we use it wisely—we have enough to satisfy our wants and needs. The recent culinary water project upgraded our culinary water delivery system, reducing water loss through leakage and water line breaks. The acquisition of the LaVerkin Bench Canal Company’s assets has enhanced the City’s ability to preserve our high-quality culinary water for drinking and other indoor uses, while providing us with an alternative resource for keeping our lawns green and promoting our historically-rich agricultural uses. And the quality of the water in our secondary (irrigation) water system has been greatly improved as a result of the recent installation and implementation of automated self-cleaning filters (which remove solids larger than 500 microns that sometimes invade the system).
That said, our water supplies are not endless; we must protect and conserve this precious resource if we are to continue to have sufficient water in the future. I continue to be concerned, as I travel about town, that some of this precious resource is being wasted. I am aware that overuse by some of our residents results, almost daily, in water running off lawns and down our gutters. I’ve heard it said that, since the irrigation water is not metered, “I can use as much as I want, whenever I want.” Some seem to use the water on a 24/7 basis, whether their lawns need it or not—because they have continual unmetered access to it.
For those of us who may feel that way, please be aware that “unmetered” does not equate to “unlimited.” The water coming through our pipes is a finite resource; and the overuse by some can harm or limit the ability of others to utilize that resource—impacting both quantity and pressure.There’s only so much to go around. Abuse of the system wastes water now, and may result in the need for (and costs of) metering in the future.
Recognizing that fact, the City has enacted a Water Conservation Plan and Time-of-Day Landscape Watering Ordinance (found at Sections 8-6-4 and 8-6-6 of the LaVerkin City Code, available online at, which provide (a) water management regulations, policies, procedures, and ideas for conserving water, and (b) recommendations and guidelines for conserving and promoting the efficient outdoor use of our precious water resources.
It is illegal to allow irrigation water to run onto neighboring properties or the city streets as a result of overwatering; and it may also subject a person to civil liability. Furthermore, overwatering can actually harm one’s lawn. And much of the water used in the heat of the day or when it is windy can be lost through a process known as evapotranspiration; it is simply lost! It’s just good citizenship for us all to do our part!
And please remember: the City’s system belongs to all of us. No individual resident or business can or has a right to impair or personally interfere with, shut off, or connect to the system. Procedures must be followed; and only qualified individuals, authorized by the City, may operate the system—including its turn-off valves. Tampering with the system is a crime. If you have concerns about the system, please contact the City with those concerns (435) 635-2581.
May I express my appreciation for the good people who live here, and encourage us all to look for ways to preserve and enhance the excellent water supply that has helped make this community such a wonderful place in which to live. Let’s all do our part to keep this community beautiful and green!

Mayor Karl Wilson, (2006-2013)

Report a Leak call:
City Front Desk -435 635-2581

Shares & Contract Questions call:
La Verkin City Office -435 635-2581

Exchange Agreement/Delivery Contract
City Code-Secondary Water

La Verkin Bench Canal Co - La Verkin City Agreement

La Verkin Secondary Master Plan 2010 Final Report