Ordinance 2024-01 Amending Alcohol license requirements and adding addtional licenses

Ordinance 2024-02 Amending the La Verkin 2018 General Plan

Ordinance 2024-03 Luxury Resort Zone

Ordinance 2024-04 Rezone 40-acres of topside property Luxury Resort Zone

Ordinance 2024-05 Building Permits in areas with geological hazards

Ordinance 2024-06 Adopting building related codes

Ordinance 2024-07 Adopting Ash Creek Sewer District service fees

Ordinance 2024-08 Amending Title 10 Chapter 6G2 dealing with height regulations in the Tourist Commercial Zone

Ordinance 2024-09 Amending Title 10 Chapter 11 pertaining to signs

Ordinance 2024-10 Vacating a portion of 480 South Street as a public street

Ordinance 2024-11 Amending Title 10 Chapter 6G2-2 removing condominiums and timeshare units from permitted uses

Ordinance 2024-12 Utility Services security deposit increase

Ordinance 2024-13 Amending procedures and standards for amending the general plan and zoning ordinances




2023-01 Vacation Rental percentage in Tourist Commercial Zone

2023-02 Transient Lodging height 

2023-03 Ash Creek SSD Development Procedures, Design Standards, and Construction Specifications

2023-04 Landscaping and Water Conservation

2023-05 Technical Correction to Ord. No. 2023-02 Transient Lodging height

2023-06 Mayor and Councilmember Compensation

2023-07 Detached Accessory Dwelling Units  

2023-08 Outdoor Stroage Units 

2023-09 Criminal, Traffic, Alcohol Code Updates

2023-10 Salary Schedule for Recreation Director 

2023-11 Recreation and Events Director position

2023-12 Road Closures

2023-13 Stormwater Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Analysis