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Updated Dumpster Days 2019

3 years ago

Washington County now provides two free landfill or dumpster locations to all communities within Washington County throughout the year at no cost to residents. Now that the second location is available and both locations within 10-15 minutes of our city, La Verkin will no longer offer Dumpster Days. This has been an annual cost of approximately $7,000 to the city for the extra dumpsters and man-hours. This is money that can be put back into the Public Works Dept. This is effective as of Jan. 1, 2020.

Final Dumpster Days 2019

Oct 18 & 19, 2019

Dumpster Day hours: Friday morning once dumpsters  are delivered to site (approximately 10 AM),  will stay open to 7PM.
Saturday hours are 7 AM to 7 PM or until dumpsters are full.

Dumpster Days is for La Verkin residential use only.

The following are FREE services open year round and are convenient in drive time and access from La Verkin

Washington County Landfill
325 N Landfill Rd
Washington, Ut 84780
public dropoff hours: Mon-Sat 7am-10pm
Closed Sun

Virgin Dump Site
300 N Kolob Rd.
Virgin, UT 84779
public dropoff hours:Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat 7am-4:45pm, Sun 10am-7:45pm
Closed Thursday

Large item pickup: Allied Waste 435-628-2821 This is a free service.


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