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New Survey, Zion Corridor Multi UseTrail Feasibility

Are you interested in multi-use trails in Washington County, specifically between Hurricane and Springdale? We need your voice! The Zion Regional Collaborative - a group of local government, land managers, interested stakeholders, and residents working together to address regional issues in the Zion region - is working on an initial planning study to come up with feasible trail routes from the Hurricane / La Verkin area to Springdale - a distance of 22 miles. At this point the Collaborative has draft trail routes to get your input on. Please click on THIS SURVEY LINK to learn more and provide your input on the routes.

Secondary Water Schedule Winter 2019, Spring 2020

Secondary water system is turned off Nov. 15, 2019. Please clean your lines out so they don't break during the winter freezes.

La Verkin municipal election, 2019

This year's municipality election is a vote by mail election. Public Notice is hereby given that the La Verkin City General Election will be held November 5, 2019. This election will be Vote-By-Mail ONLY.

Rural Rocks calendar contest by Oct. 25 2019

Rural Rocks calendar contest by Oct. 25 2019

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Whatever takes you into the towns of rural Utah - a shopping trip, back-country adventures, a visit with friends or family - there’s always one stop you can’t wait to make. Wherever it is, and whatever reason you love it, now is your chance to share it! WHAT IS A RURAL PLACE? Do you heart a place in the built environment in a Utah town with a population of 15,000 or less? That's it! (Utah's amazing natural landscapes aren't the focus of this calendar competition. Click HERE for contest rules and share your favorite La Verkin place.

Meet the Candidates, Oct. 8 2019

Meet the Candidates, Oct. 8 2019


We Need Your Input by Sept. 30, 2019

We Need Your Input by Sept. 30, 2019

Zion Regional Collaborative (ZRC) is working with local organizations and partners to plan a walking and biking trail extending from Zion National Park to Hurricane City - a distance of approximately 22 miles. When complete, the trail will create connections for recreation and transportation throughout the communities of Springdale, Rockville, Virgin, La Verkin, and Hurricane. The trail will also become an amenity for the many who live, work and play throughout the region.

Updated Dumpster Days 2019

Washington County now provides two free landfill or dumpster locations to all communities within Washington County throughout the year at no cost to residents. Now that the second location is available and both locations within 10-15 minutes of our city, La Verkin will no longer offer Dumpster Days. This has been an annual cost of approximately $7,000 to the city for the extra dumpsters and man-hours.

Firework Restrictions

2019 Firework Restrictions - Resolution R-2019-13:  It is lawful to use fireworks on all La Verkin City owned park property in theare of Wanlass Park and Vintage Park and on all City streets within the city limits located more than 100 feet away from any hillside.   Dates that you can lawfully use fire works in La Verkin City are, July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th, between the hours of 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM.   .

Vote By Mail

This year's municipal election will be Vote By Mail.   More information coming. .

UPDATE to Secondary Water 3-18-19

Water in the system is being brought in today, Monday 3-18 and should be fully operational on Wednesday, 3-20. .