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Updated Dumpster Days 2019

Washington County now provides two free landfill or dumpster locations to all communities within Washington County throughout the year at no cost to residents. Now that the second location is available and both locations within 10-15 minutes of our city, La Verkin will no longer offer Dumpster Days. This has been an annual cost of approximately $7,000 to the city for the extra dumpsters and man-hours.

Firework Restrictions

2019 Firework Restrictions - Resolution R-2019-13:  It is lawful to use fireworks on all La Verkin City owned park property in theare of Wanlass Park and Vintage Park and on all City streets within the city limits located more than 100 feet away from any hillside.   Dates that you can lawfully use fire works in La Verkin City are, July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th, between the hours of 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM.   .

Vote By Mail

This year's municipal election will be Vote By Mail.   More information coming. .

UPDATE to Secondary Water 3-18-19

Water in the system is being brought in today, Monday 3-18 and should be fully operational on Wednesday, 3-20. .

UPDATE to Secondary Water Schedule 3-14-19

***Due to the recent storms and the increase in the turbidity of the river water, it is beyond our system's ability to bring the secondary water in at this point. To do so would result in extreme equipment damage and replacement. We will monitor it throughout the  weekend and at the point it gets within range, we will bring it on-line.

Secondary Water Schedule

System testing of secondary water lines for leaks and problems will start March 4th, be sure to turn your valves off if you opened them for the winter. Full service is scheduled to be back on-line March 15, 2019. .

Dumpster Days & State Street Cleanup Oct 26 & 27, 2018

 Dumpster Days and State Street Cleanup State Street Cleanup - local church and civic groups will be cleaning trash along State Street (Hwy9) from the bridge north to 500 North. We encourage all residents to get involved. Call the city at (435) 635-2581.

Culinary Water Rate Increase

During and subsequent to completion of the Master Plan, the City has experienced rising costs of operation and maintenance of its water system, especially due to breaks in water lines which have quickly and repeatedly absorbed annual system repair budgets. Other incidental system costs are also rising and projected to rise, including additional operational efforts due to rising populations, legislative mandates, and development of water sources. These factors have caused the City Council and staff to look closely at the need for a rate increase to: 1) partially correct suppressed water rates resulting from approximately 18 years without a rate increase, 2) address growing operational and maintenance costs, and 3) more aggressively fund renewal and replacement projects on the aging system.

Secondary Water Shutoff Nov. 15, 2018

Secondary Water (Irrigation Water) is available from La Verkin City.   Please call (435) 635-2581 for more information. Secondary water goes out of the system Nov.

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