La Verkin City Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 6:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, 111 S. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Present:  Mayor Kerry Gubler; Council Members:  Randy Reeve, Micah Gubler, Richard Hirschi, Ken Hooten and Chantelle Browning; Staff: Kyle Gubler, Derek Imlay, Kevin Bennett, Chief Ben Lee and Christy Ballard; Public: Sandi Gubler, Susan Smith and family, and Phil and Debra Jensen.


Troylinn Benson has been excused.    


A.       Called to Order – Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was given by Phil Jensen at 6:00pm.  


B.         Recognitions:

1. Outstanding Citizen Award-Susan Smith has been reading at the La Verkin Elementary school for six years.  Mayor Gubler thanked her for her service and gave her a certificate and gift card. 


E. Consent Agenda: (Items on the consent agenda may not require discussion.  These items will be a single motion unless removed at the request of the Mayor or City Council.)

1.       Declarations of conflict of interest

2.       Agenda

3.       Minutes: July 6, 2016 regular meeting minutes

4.       Review Invoices and Checks:  $160,383.04


Motion was made by Councilman Richard Hirschi to approve the consent agenda as written, including the July 6, 2016 regular meeting minutes, and checks and invoices for $160,383.04, second by Councilwoman Chantelle Browning.  Roll Call Vote:  Reeve-yes, Gubler-yes, Hooten-yes, Browning-yes, Hirschi-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


F.       Committee Reports:  

1.       Planning Commission-No meeting. 

2.      Water Board-No meeting.   

3.      Sewer Board-Councilman Hooten reported the next meeting will be August 25.       

4.      Fire District-Councilman Hirschi reported the District did have a meeting; the main concern is they do not have enough help. 


G.     Citizen Comment & Request for Future Agenda Items:

   No comments were made.


H.     Business:

1.       Discussion and possible action to approve Resolution No. 2016-13; A resolution amending the City’s culinary water fees to provide the means to pay for a recent increase by the Washington County Water Conservancy District for the cost of water it provides for use within the jurisdiction of La Verkin City. 

Kevin explained the agreement between La Verkin City and the Washington County Water Conservancy District from 2006 allows the District to increase water rates periodically as they see fit.  This summer they raised the rates $.10 per 1,000 gallons.  The increase took effect on July 1, 2016.  This will increase the City’s bill by approximately $500 per month for the water purchased from the District. 

The original plan was to pass along a $1.75 surcharge from the 2006 agreement which was thought to not have been utilized at the time.  This was presented to the Water Board who recommended approval.

Kevin did some research and found that indeed the City did charge the citizens. 

Staff believes an increase of $.75 per connection will cover the increased water charge along with the administration of it but we won’t be sure until we receive a bill.  The amount will not be the same each month because La Verkin has its own water.  We only need to purchase water from the District when we have used our allotted amount.    

            The charge is a pass through charge from the District to the citizens, the public hearing for the increase was held by the Washington County Water Conservancy District.

If the resolution passes, the fee will appear on the September bill.  The City will have to absorb the charge for July and August.    


Councilman Hooten was concerned the large commercial meters will be paying the same amount as the smaller residential meters but using more water.


Kyle replied there are only 9 larger meters in the City.


Councilwoman Browning would like to figure on the low side, if staff finds it’s not enough then increase it.


Councilman Gubler feels it is easier to decrease an amount rather than keep increasing it.  If staff is recommending $.75 he supports that.  Re-evaluate the fee in a couple months and if it is too much decrease the amount.     


Kyle said La Verkin City pays WCWCD for 4.25 million gallons whether it is used or not per the 2006 contract.  That alone is $500 per month.


Motion was made by Councilman Ken Hooten to approve Resolution No. 2016-13; a resolution amending the City’s culinary water fees to provide the means to pay for a recent increase by the Washington County Water Conservancy District for the cost of water it provides for use within the jurisdiction of La Verkin City, the increase will be $.75 per connection, second by Councilman Micah Gubler.  Roll Call Vote:  Reeve-yes, Gubler-yes, Hooten-yes, Browning-no, Hirschi-yes.  Motion passes. 


2.       Discussion and possible action to accept and authorize the recording of the special warranty deed from America First Credit Union to the hillside property located east and above the Sunset View Estates housing development (approximately 75 acres).  

Kevin reported the City will own to the ridgeline up above, the property behind Sunset View Estates and slightly to the north, and over to the “L”. 

This property is being donated to the City with all of the taxes paid up to the date of transfer.  It will be a good thing in that we are already using the property.  It will also allow the City to develop a trail.  The negative would be that the City will be the property owner if there is ever a fire or rock slide. 

The current owner is giving it to us because the property is unbuildable.  The City is using some of the property for the “L” and has easements along the section of property behind Sunset View Estates. 


Motion was made by Councilman Richard Hirschi to accept and authorize the recording of the special warranty deed from America First Credit Union to the hillside property located east and above the Sunset View Estates housing development approximately 75 acres, second by Councilman Ken Hooten.  Roll Call Vote:  Browning-yes, Hirschi-yes, Hooten-yes, Gubler-yes, Reeve-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.  


I.        Staff, Mayor & Council Reports:

City Administrator-Kyle Gubler

Kyle emailed his report to the Councilmembers.

·         Friday, September 23th will be the second Movie in the Park.

·         Thursday, August 4th will be La Verkin Water Day from 1pm-4pm.

·         There is a ground breaking ceremony for two self-help homes in Riverwood Phase 2 tomorrow. 

·         Attached is the annual Employee Vacation report.      

·         The City applied for a Water Smart Grant.  The application was denied.

·         Kyle would like to know how the Councilmembers feel about the survey done by GroupSolver.  He checked with other survey companies and they are all within a couple hundred dollars of each other.  The charge is $6,000 per year.  GroupSolver has agreed to give La Verkin a 50% discount for the first year.  There can’t be any action taken on it tonight, but Kyle would like know if the Councilmembers are interested.


The Councilmembers unanimously agreed the results of the survey were not worth the cost. 


·         Kyle played a promotional video created for La Verkin.  The hope is to have surrounding businesses play the video.  It will also play on a YouTube channel.   

·         There is a 2 1/2-acre parcel of property owned by Ash Creek Sewer District in Pheasant Glen that will be sold.  La Verkin has first right to the property.  In the past there has been discussion on that piece becoming a park.  Ash Creek has agreed to hold the property until the Councilmembers have had a chance to look at it to see if they are interested in purchasing it.        


Public Safety-Chief Ben Lee

·         Officer Wolsleger resigned several weeks ago.  That position has been posted along with a crossing guard position.  

·         Officers Crouse and Gardiner have become certified Project Lifesaver instructors.  The department is now trying to build clientele. 

Chief will try to get a demonstration showing the Councilmembers how it works.      

·         Dixie State University offered the La Verkin City Police Department a scholarship for advanced mobile forensics.  It will begin next week. 

·         There was a shooting in La Verkin involving the Hurricane City Police Department.  The County Attorney has ruled the officer was justified in the use of deadly force.  No one was injured in the incident. 

La Verkin Police Department was involved in the investigation.    


Councilman Hooten would like to recognize Officer Wolsleger stating he did an amazing job while he was in service here.          


Director of Operations-Derek Imlay

·         The irrigation was taken out of the system Monday afternoon because of the amount of turbidity in the water.  The turbidity is the highest it has been in a while so he is not sure when the water will be back in.

Derek passed out a report on the amount of irrigation water used.  The amount of water used in July was the higher than any other July since the City took the water over from the Canal Company.

·         There were 36 culinary water breaks in the month June and 52 in July.  Irrigation breaks were 20 for June and 20 for July. 

·         The backhoe window was damaged sometime during the night of Dumpster Days. 


Mayor Gubler- The price of the new crack seal machine has gone up.  However, the owner will sell it to La Verkin for the original price if it is purchased by September.  If the Councilmembers are still in favor of the purchase staff will move forward. 


Browning-Utah has had the first Zika Virus death in the United States as well as the first person to person transmitted caseThe cause of the transmitted case is still unknown.

The people infected have traveled to other countries and contacted the Virus there, with the exception of the one transmitted case, so the chance of getting the Virus is highly unlikely.          

     She would like to add shade structures to the playground equipment at the Park to the priority list.  The equipment gets very hot.  It will also help extend the life of the equipment.        


Hirschi-Nothing to report.


Hooten-Confluence Park has received two picnic tables from a young man earning his Eagle Scout.  There was a lot of support from local businesses.  If anyone needs an Eagle Scout project they can contact Lynn Chamberlain. 


Mayor Gubler mentioned La Verkin City also has projects that could be done. 


Gubler-Nothing to report. 


Reeve-Nothing to report.    


J.       Closed Session:

There is no need for a closed session. 


K.     Reconvene from Closed Session:


L.      Adjourn:

Motion was made by Councilman Ken Hooten to adjourn, second by Councilman Randy Reeve.  Hirschi-yes, Hooten-yes, Browning-yes, Gubler-yes, Reeve-yes.  Motion carried unanimously at 6:51pm.



            Minutes were taken on behalf of the City Recorder by Christy Ballard.

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