La Verkin City Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 6:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, 111 S. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Present:  Mayor Kerry Gubler; Council Members:  Richard Hirschi, Ken Hooten and Randy Reeve; Staff: Kyle Gubler, Derek Imlay, Troylinn Benson, Kevin Bennett, Chief Ben Lee and Christy Ballard


Councilmembers Chantelle Browning and Micah Gubler have been excused.    


A.       Called to Order – Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was given by Derek Imlay at 6:00pm.  


Mayor Gubler announced there is a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Vintage Park tonight at 7pm for the new playground equipment purchased with money from the new RAP Tax.


B.        Consent Agenda:  (Items on the consent agenda may not require discussion.  These items will be a single motion unless removed at the request of the Mayor or City Council.)

1.      Declarations of conflict of interest

2.      Agenda

3.      Minutes: June 1, 2016 regular meeting minutes

4.      Review Invoices and Checks:  $200,321.94


Motion was made by Councilman Ken Hooten to approve the consent agenda as written, including the June 1, 2016 regular meeting minutes, and checks and invoices for $200,321.94 second by Councilman Richard Hirschi.  Roll Call Vote:  Reeve-yes, Hirschi-yes, Hooten-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


C.      Committee Reports:  

1.      Planning Commission-Councilman Hirschi reported a public hearing was held for a proposed lot split for the property located directly south of Davis Farmers Market.  One citizen attended who had questions about accessing the back piece of property.  The Planning Commissioners answered his questions and recommended approval of the lot split.   


Kyle mentioned the requester was not able to get all of the required signatures on the Mylar.  He wondered if the Council could approve the lot split subject to getting all of the required signatures. 


2.      Water Board-Mayor Gubler reported the Water Board would meet June 22. 

3.      Sewer Board-Councilman Hooten reported the Sewer Board meeting will be Thursday, June 23.

4.      Fire District-Councilman Hirschi had nothing to report.


D.     Citizen Comment & Request for Future Agenda Items:

   No comments were made.


E.     Business:

1.      Discussion and possible action to approve the preliminary and final plats for a lot split of property with the Tax ID # LV-132, located directly south of Davis Farmers Market on SR9.

Kevin explained the Code states that “all signatures except for the Mayor, City Recorder, City Attorney, and County Recorder shall appear on the final plat prior to submitting it to the City Council.”


Mayor Gubler stated based on the Code the Council cannot move on the item until the document has all of the required signatures. 


2.      Discussion and possible action to approve Resolution No. R-2016-12; A resolution setting the Property Tax Levy for La Verkin City.

Mayor Gubler explained the Tax Levy is set by the County and just needs to be approved by the cities.


Motion was made by Councilman Richard Hirschi to approve Resolution R-2016-12, a resolution setting the Property Tax Levy for La Verkin City, second by Councilman Randy Reeve.  Reeve-yes, Hooten-yes, Hirschi-yes.  Motion passes unanimously.


F.      Staff, Mayor & Council Reports:

City Administrator-Kyle Gubler

Kyle emailed his report to the Councilmembers.

DTEC discussed the Local Option Sales Tax.  The numbers have changed from the original numbers.  The numbers were based on estimates from a prior year; the new numbers are more accurate.

            The creator of the survey sent out on Facebook for citizens of La Verkin would like to present the results of that survey at a future meeting.


Public Safety-Chief Ben Lee

Officer Gardiner should complete his field training on June 24.

The Department has received the new vehicle.  It is in the process of being outfitted with lights and equipment.  Then he will get the old truck outfitted so it will be ready for Officer Gardiner. 

There has been an increase of vehicle accidents in the area, most likely due to the increased traffic.

There have been several incidents of graffiti throughout the City.


Director of Operations-Derek Imlay

·         There has been an influx of culinary water breaks. 

·         Derek was able to get one filter back online for the irrigation water.  All of the citizens should have irrigation water but the pressure won’t be much until the other two filters can get back online.

·         There has been concern in regard to the restricted access into Zion View Estates off SR9.  That is where the new hotel is tying into the culinary and irrigation lines.  The work was completed today so they should be open by midmorning tomorrow.

·         The hotel should have the floors starting within the next couple weeks.  The anticipated opening date is in February.


Treasurer-Troylinn Benson

Nothing to report.


Hirschi-Nothing to report. 


Hooten-Bob Brinton is a 93 year old citizen who is selling his house.  He has a museum in his backyard he would like to donate to the City.  If anyone would like to see it before he moves, he would love to show it to you.       


Reeve-Nothing to report. 


Mayor Gubler reported Confluence Park met today.  There are some positive things happening in the Park what will help draw more people to the area.

Ash Creek Sewer District is planning on building another treatment plant in the area within the next 5 years.  That will help get water to the Park which will make it look much nicer. 

He invited everyone to come to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.


G.  Adjourn:

Motion was made by Councilman Ken Hooten to adjourn, second by Councilman Randy Reeve.  Hirschi-yes, Hooten-yes, Reeve-yes.  Motion carried unanimously at 6:19pm.



            Minutes were taken on behalf of the City Recorder by Christy Ballard.

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