Wednesday, February 24, 2016 3:00 p.m.

435 North Main Street, LaVerkin, UT


Present:  Anna Andregg, Richard Prince, Mark Mangum, Mayor Kerry Gubler, Kyle Gubler, Derek Imlay and Christy Ballard.


Alan Olsen has been excused.


I.                   Call to Order by Mayor Kerry Gubler at 3:00pm.


II.                Approval of Minutes: January 27, 2016 minutes.


Motion was made by Anna Andregg to approve the January 27, 2016 minutes as written, second by Kerry Gubler.  Mangum-yes, Prince-yes, Andregg-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Imlay-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


III.             Reports: 

The financial report and the water contract list were handed out.

Kyle explained the top portion of the water contract list is people interested in selling their water shares and the bottom portion are late payments. 

He explained the process of late water share payments. 


There was a discussion on the delinquent list.


Kyle reported La Verkin has the third oldest water right on the Virgin River so if there is ever a call on the River we are in a good position.

Last year there was a call on the River.


Kyle reported the secondary water rate increase was passed, as recommended, by the City Council and will be in effect beginning March 1, 2016.               


IV.             Business:

There were no business items. 


Mayor Gubler reported the irrigation water will be turned on Monday, February 29 and will be off and on while Derek’s crew gets the breaks fixed.  It will be on by the contracted March 15 date.   It will be shut off on November 15, 2016.   


V.                Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

                  No comment.



VI.             Board members concerns:



VII.          Adjourn:

Motion was made by Kerry Gubler to adjourn, second by Derek Imlay.  Kerry Gubler-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Mangum-yes, Prince-yes, Imlay-yes, Andregg-yes.  Motion carried at 3:16pm.



Minutes were done by Christy Ballard.

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