Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP

Clark Fawcett                           Hurricane City

Karl Wilson                             La Verkin City




Lucy Ormond                          Hurricane Trails Committee

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Ray Justice                              La Verkin City

Darren Cottam                         Toquerville City

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Karl Wilson called the meeting to order at 4:05pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 

            Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to approve the October 16, 2013    minutes as written, second by Clark Fawcett.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Business:

A.    La Verkin Stake Scout Service Project -Bob Sandberg

Bob was not sure the number of boys who attended.  Fifty trees were planted and they replaced chip on the trails.  A lot was accomplished. 


Kevin Bennett is the City Attorney for La Verkin.  He is also a charter rep for one of the wards so he was at the project.  The children he was around commented that they had a good time and even pointed out trees they had planted before.  Other ward’s comments were similar at the Stake meeting.


B.     Current Restoration Project-Bob Sandberg

BA Robinson has cut all of the arundo on our property.  They are chipping today.  Bob did ask them to leave firewood for people to pick up. 

Bob has talked to Dale Gubler about spraying in the spring.

BA Robison planted the remaining 250 trees that the Scouts didn’t get done.  Mainly along the La Verkin Creek but there was some planted on the Hurricane side.  


C.    Access Points Grant update-Kathleen Nielson

Kathleen has not arrived yet.


D.    Property Exchange-Bob Sandberg

Trail was going to see if his people could do the archeological and environmental clearances.  Bob has not heard if they are able to help us out on that.

Trail was also going to set up some meetings relative to the proposed exchange with Lane Blackmore.  The meetings may not be necessary, some members of the DWR are okay with the exchange but Bob wants to find out for sure before money is spent on appraisals.    


E.     Confluence Park Visitors-Bob Sandberg  

Bob passed around photos and the sign in sheets from Confluence Park.

The photos are from the person who helped get pipe donated for the waterline and valves. There is not a sign in box on the Hurricane side.


Bob sent this information to the program coordinator for the State, who gave us both grants, he sent it on to the person with the Federal Highways Administration who is the source of the funding for the grants.  Bob received thanks from both of them; they don’t often get to see how the money is spent.

There have been 1300 people sign in since the register box was put in.  Bob mentioned there is no way to know the percentage of people who actually sign in but his guess is 50% or less.


Bob tried to get a budget for Confluence Park from the County Commissioners.  It was denied.  He was hoping they would see how much staff time was being spent on Confluence Park. 

The HCP has given Confluence Park a $10,000 budget.   


Darren Cottam asked about a general plan.

Bob gave a brief explanation of projects that have been completed at Confluence Park and ones we are working on now.  The General Plan is available online at La Verkin’s website or the Red Cliff’s Desert Reserve’s website.

The Park is open to anyone and camping is available in certain areas in the park.  There are areas identified in the master plan as picnic areas but we don’t have any picnic tables yet.

Confluence Park is gaining notoriety and use.


Kathleen arrived at 4:25pm.


Bob talked to Monica Stevens who was in charge of the 5K run held on October 19th on the Hurricane side.  They had about 40 runners and received a lot of compliments on the scenery.  She plans on having this run again.  They made about $300 for the high school.


            C. Access Points Grant update-Kathleen Nielson

Kathleen explained there are a couple of things she is concerned about.  The first thing that needs to be done is the environmental.  The reports are expensive and can’t be matched, it has to be cash.  We are hoping DWR will be able to help with that.

The other concern is that the County does not have as much road base material available for the match. We need this for the match.


Clark will check with Hurricane to see how much they have and if any could be used for Confluence Park.  He will need to know how much the project will need. 

Bob will get Clark that information.


Darren will check with Sunroc to see if they would be willing to donate road base, they have a pit at Anderson Junction.  


Kathleen suggested finding a place to stock pile the road base so we know we have it available when the time comes to use it.


Lucy asked how to get a sign in box on the Hurricane side.

The box on the La Verkin side was donated by the County and they do not have anymore.  It could be an Eagle Scout project and can be used as a match for the grant.

It would be a very beneficial thing to have.   


 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

No comments were made.


  1. Board members concerns:

Lucy said the Hurricane Trails Committee would like to do a trail cleanup on the Hurricane side in December.  They are going to ask Hurricane for some road base to place on the trail by the dump to cover the glass.  Is that okay with the Board?


Bob said that if it is only on the trail.  The Board has identified they would like wood chip or the road base on the trails so he thinks it would be fine.

There are piles of wood chip on the Hurricane side that can be used.  The chipper that was used did not chip it as fine as it needed to be so it may be a bit of a challenge moving and spreading it.  The access is not very good; the road has been washed out.  The Water Department is talking about making water bars to help.


Kathleen asked how well the road base works.


Clark explained that if it is put down right, it can be as good as a road.

He also thinks he can come up with some equipment for Lucy to move the wood chip.


Clark had a gentleman call him about his dog getting caught in a trap at Confluence Park.


Bob said that he called him also.  Bob thinks the gentleman was down by the dump.  The person said the trap was only 50 feet off the trail.

If there is a city ordinance that states trapping is not allowed then they can be stopped. 

The overall master plan for the park is to keep people safe. 

The Board has authorized people to trap in the Park but they have known who the people were and what they were trapping.

He did call DWR and as long as there isn’t a city ordinance stating trapping is not allowed, they can trap.


Clark doesn’t think Hurricane has a trapping ordinance.


Bob pointed out that the dog owner took the trap, which is illegal and his dog was not on a leash which is illegal too. 

There was a number stamped on the trap, which is compliant to trapping laws. 

So the dog owner broke the law two times and the trap owner may not have broken the law at all.  DWR is going to call the trap owner and encourage them to not trap where there are a lot of people.


Clark will check and see if Hurricane has a trapping ordinance.  They do have a leash ordinance but it is voice command.  The dog is required to be close enough to hear the owner.


Bob will see if there is anything in the Conservation Easement preventing trapping.


There was a discussion on leash laws and Confluence Park.

Both Hurricane and La Verkin do not allow dogs at city parks but Confluence is not a city park. 

There are a lot of people who take their dogs to the Park and most of them are not on a leash.

Kathleen said that the Anasazi Trail in the Santa Clara Reserve has a doggie bag station.  Most people use them but there is a lot who don’t and it is an expense.


La Verkin City will be having their Winterfest Celebration on Saturday December 7th.


Kathleen thanked Mayor Wilson for everything he had done for Confluence Park and will be presenting him with a gift.


Clark said that if it wasn’t for Mayor Wilson nothing would have gotten done with Confluence Park.


Mayor Wilson said that Confluence Park has been a multi-community effort.  The value from all communities is there.  He was the one who fought for this committee and it has accomplished great things.  There is no reason it can’t move forward without him.

Bob thanked Mayor Wilson and Ray Justice for their involvement in Confluence Park.


Mayor Wilson explained that this board is an advisory board for the County Commission.  They have the final say in anything done in Confluence Park. He doesn’t think the members have to be an elected official.  The City could appoint anyone to be on the Board.


There does not need to be a meeting in December, it was cancelled.


Kathleen suggested having an orientation/education meeting for the new members. 

Clark things that it would be a good idea for the new mayor as well as the new council members having a power point at a city council meeting.


 VI.            Adjourn:


Motion was made by Clark Fawcett to adjourn, second by Bob Sandberg.  Motion carried unanimously at 5:10pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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