LaVerkin City Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 6:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, 111 S. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Present:  Mayor Karl Wilson; Council-Members:  Randy Reeve, Richard Hirschi, Phil Jensen, and Ray Justice:  Staff: Derek Imlay, Troylinn Benson, Kevin Bennett, Chief Lloyd Watkins, and Christy Ballard; Public: Blair Gubler, Chief Tom Kuhlmann, John and Rose Valenti, Lee and Nick Henry, and Chantelle Browning.


Councilman Brandon Stephenson has been excused.


A.       Called to Order – Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance by Ray Justice at 6:00pm.


B.        Consent Agenda:  (Items on the consent agenda may not require discussion.  These items will be a single motion unless removed at the request of the Mayor or City Council.)

1.      Declarations of conflict of interest

2.      Agenda

3.      September 18, 2013 regular meeting minutes

4.      Review Invoices and Checks:  $43,906.87


 Motion was made by Councilman Phil Jensen to approve the consent agenda as written including the September 18, 2013 meeting minutes and checks and invoices in the amount of $43,906.87, second by Councilman Ray Justice.  Roll Call Vote:   Reeve-yes, Hirschi-yes, Justice-yes, Jensen-yes, Motion carried unanimously.


C.      Committee Reports:  

1.      Planning Commission – Councilman Hirschi reported that the Planning Commission visited the Interstate Rock Property to view the area and discuss the subdivision Interstate Rock wants to put there.  It will be on the next agenda as an action item, the Commissioners seem to be in favor of it.

2.      Water Board – The Water Board has not met.

3.      Sewer Board-Blair reported that they approved a couple of small subdivisions and a couple of lots.  Toquerville bought the surplus vehicle for blue book value. 

The clean out project for La Verkin has not been completed yet but it is almost finished.  The crew keeps getting pulled off the project. 

They have just cut the hay so there is some available if anyone is interested.  It will be the last cutting of the season.

            The District is purchasing a couple of fuel storage tanks, two 3,000 gallon tanks for diesel and one 800 gallon for unleaded fuel.  They are double walled tanks so spill capacity is not required for them.

            The District does have its own emergency plan if there is a disaster.

4.      Fire District-Chief Kuhlmann reported that the Fire District is in the process of hiring.  They had 3 positions open up over the last few months. 

They are also accepting applications for the recruit academy.  It will train people to be fire fighters and EMT’s.  Chief calculates they are on track to handle 2,000 calls this year.  So far the fire calls are down but the paramedic calls are up.

The Virgin City station has been remodeled and is now a fully functioning fire station.


D.       Citizen Comment & Request for Future Agenda Items:

            No comments were made.


E.  Public Hearing:

1.      2013-2014 FY Budget Amendment

Mayor Wilson went over the proposed changes made to the 2013-2014 FY Budget. 

The Silver Acres project is the main reason for this amendment but there are a few other items that were corrected and/or added.

Chief Watkins obtained a JAG grant for $7,500.  It is not in the amendment budget so Mayor Wilson asked that it be added to the Revenue side of the Intergovernmental Revenue, line 3332.1, Police Grant.  That also increases Chief’s budget line number 4210.250.

            Derek explained that all of the increases on the number 250 line items came from the surplus equipment sold.  He took the amount of items sold and charged a percentage out to each of the 7 budgets.  He then took the money brought in from the surplus property and used that same formula to increase the appropriate line items.

He added in the sound system, asked for an increase to the Engineering line, and to Highways and Public Safety. 

They would also like to increase Street Maintenance.  We are getting behind in that due to the increase cost of materials.

            Kyle requested an increase in the miscellaneous line item for the festivals.

            Mayor Wilson explained that the Capital Project Fund is the Silver Acres Project.

            Derek explained the different Water Fund requests.   Part of the changes is so we can stay current on trainings and certification and also to keep the SCADA system updated. 

The Maintenance increase request is due to the amount of breaks we have had so far this year.  

The Water Department’s share of the Silver Acres Project is included in this amendment.

            Mayor Wilson stated that this amendment does put the Water Fund in the negative; there is enough in savings to cover it if indeed the entire amount is used, the same with the Irrigation Fund.

            Derek explained that the Irrigation Fund changes cover the motor for the system that had to be replaced and also breaks that we have had with some money left for future issues.

            The Drainage Fund is the next section Derek went over.  There is a section in this Fund for the Silver Acres project as well. 


Mayor Wilson explained this account goes a little into the negative but there is money in savings to cover it if needed.


The Public hearing opened at 6:42pm.


No comments were made.


The Public hearing closed at 6:42pm.


F.      Business:

1.      Discussion and possible action to approve Resolution No. R-2013-18; A resolution adopting the FY 2013-2014 Budget Amendment.

Councilman Hirschi asked if there would still be money left in reserve with these changes and what the police JAG grant is for.


Mayor Wilson answered that yes there is still money in reserve and pointed out that property taxes will be coming in November, December, and January.  The City is doing very well.  These changes still keep us on the conservative side just tighter than normal.

            Chief explained the grant is an equipment grant.  It is a reimbursement grant so the money is spent first then receipts are turned in and then a check is issued.


Motion was made by Councilman Ray Justice to approve Resolution No. R- 2013-18; A resolution adopting the FY 2013-2014 budget amendment, second by Councilman Richard Hirschi.  Roll Call Vote:  Reeve-yes, Hirschi-yes, Jensen-yes, Justice-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.         


2.      Discussion and possible action to approve Resolution No. R-2013-19; A resolution adopting, approving, and authorizing the Mayor’s signature on an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement to provide election provider services to the Washington County School District for its upcoming 2013 special bond election.

Kyle explained that this is an Interlocal Agreement with the Washington County School District to be the election provider for their bond election they have on the ballot.

The District will pay the additional expense of adding this item to the ballot. 


Councilman Hirschi pointed out that the bond will not be for anything in La Verkin.


Mayor Wilson said that it will include finishing the high school in Hurricane.  The boundary adjustments may include some of Hurricane.  The District is retiring enough bonds this year that our taxes should not go up much from it.


Motion was made by Councilman Richard Hirschi to approve Resolution No. R-2013-19; A resolution adopting, approving, and authorizing the Mayor’s signature on an Interlocal Agreement with the Washington County School District for its upcoming 2013 special bond election, second by Councilman Ray Justice.  Roll Call Vote:  Justice-yes, Jensen-yes, Hirschi-yes, Reeve-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.   


G.    Staff. Mayor & Council Reports: 

City Administrator- Kyle Gubler

Kyle passed out with his handout a card with the events listed for Winterfest.  The City’s soap box derby car is almost ready to go.

The hotel has slowed down a bit and Family Dollar has started work on the inside of the building.

The number of building permits issued this year is up from last year.

SKF is hosting a manufacturing day, students and local leaders are invited to attend. 

Crescent Park is almost complete; it will be a great addition to the City.

The priority list was included in Kyle’s handout.  This is a list of major projects.  There is still the day to day stuff they do.

ASCAP is a company who contacted Kyle in regard to the music that is played during city sponsored events.  It is currently illegal to play music without a contract or license from the musician.  This company represents a large list of musicians whose music the City would be allowed to play once we have signed a contract with them.  Kyle wants direction from the Council with this matter.  He feels it would be very unlikely to not have music played at the events and commented that the representative from ASCAP knew all of the events we have so he thinks they may be watching us.

The contract is $327 a year.  Kevin checked into the legality of it and ASCAP did sue a city and won.    


Kevin explained that there are two other companies who do this same thing and having an agreement with one does not mean you can play any song.  It has to be a song off of the list from the company you choose to sign with.  A city can sign with any or all of the companies.  It does not cover performances.  The performer will need to do that.


Kyle recommends signing with the company who contacted us to begin with.   ASCAP has an extremely large list of approved music available on their website.


The Councilmembers would like Kyle to move forward with this item.


Public Safety- Chief Lloyd Watkins

The citations were down in September because of training, vacation and sick leave.  Despite that the incidences were up 43% from last year.  The arrests are the same as last year.

Chief told the councilmembers about the pursuit Officer Romney was involved in.  The decision was made to call the pursuit off.  The driver was driving recklessly and Officer Romney still had the persons ID from when he pulled him over so they know who he is and where he lives, hopefully he will be in custody soon. 


Treasurer-Troylinn Benson

Nothing to report.


Director of Operations-Derek Imlay

The Water Meter Grant project is complete.  Derek passed out a map of the town with the different areas marked when they were complete and how many meters were installed.

Leaving only approximately 250 manual read meters.


Kyle reported we can reapply for another grant in a year when this grant officially closes.


Mayor Wilson commented that this project has been one of the best we have done.  The crew put more labor into this project than it required and because of that we were able to increase the number of meters installed.

Slippage is down to about 18%.


Derek reported that they cleaned out and/or replaced all of the barrels and installed back flow devises along with installing the new meters.  Derek explained how the new system will work and commented a job that once took 40 hours to finish will now be finished in 1 day.


      Mayor Wilson:  Attended the DTEC meeting and the COG meeting.  The COG fund comes from the      $10 that was added to registering vehicles.  That money is used for corridor preservation.  They just authorized a 1.8 million dollar low interest loan to St. George City for Bluff Street.  They also approved the purchase of property for a new bridge for Rockville.

He commended Troylinn and her staff on a job well done.  He very seldom receives complaints about the   front desk, they handle things very professionally. 


Jensen:  The Youth City Council retreat has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 9th.

Solid Waste District has not had a meeting.   


Hirschi:  Nothing further to report.


Reeve:  He met with Kyle Lovelady over sports.  Volleyball has started, there was a pretty good turnout but the numbers are still down from last year.  Flag football tried to start but the numbers were way down so Kyle chose to offer a football camp instead.  Kyle Lovelady has talked to Kyle Gubler on possibly getting a sign to help promote the city sports.  Basketball signups begin October 28th so let people know.


Mayor Wilson reported that in the COG meeting last night the representative from Springdale announced that they were still open even though the Park was closed.  Mayor Wilson volunteered to approach the City Council with the possibility of allowing Springdale to place a temporary sign on State Street stating that they were still open and to promote tourism and the Utah State Parks.  If they approach him he will bring it back to the council.  He feels that we should do anything we can to help our sister cities and to promote our parks.


Kyle reported that Kyle Lovelady thinks the sign will cost about $5,000 to install.  He is looking into possible donations.


Justice:  He did attend the Sewer Board meeting, which has been reported on.  He also thanked the police for their presence at the cross walk. 

The government shutdown is going to hurt no matter how long it lasts.  Springdale is doing its best to let people know there are still things to see and do around Zion Park.  There are still some places you can go and the scenic drive along the reservoirs to Cedar City is beautiful this time of year.


H.  Adjourn:

Motion was made by Councilman Ray Justice to adjourn, second by Councilman Phil Jensen.  Motion carried unanimously at 7:29pm.



            Minutes were taken on behalf of the City Recorder by Christy Ballard.

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