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Dumpster Days 2019

3 months ago

There are a couple of changes for Dumpster Days, please make note. Due to fire safety concerns, the city is no longer offering a burn pile for yard debris. However, there will be an additional dumpster dedicated to "green" waste. It is on a first come, first serve basis.

It will begin on Friday after the dumpsters arrive and the crew is set up, typically by 9 AM and end at 7PM. Saturday hours are 7AM to 7PM or until dumpsters are full. There will not be any drop-off allowed on Sundays or after hours. Dumpster Days is for La Verkin residential use only.


Up Coming Dumpster Dates for 2019

January 25th & 26th

April 26th & 27th

July 19th & 20th

October 18th & 19th

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