Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 3:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Cameron Rognan                      Washington County-HCP

Ken Hooten                              La Verkin City


Steve Meismer                         Virgin River Program

Blair Gubler                             Ash Creek SSD

Dennis Kay                              VRLPA

John Ibach                               VRLPA

Lane Blackmore                      

Janet Mika

Patty Wise

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City


There was not a quorum so all business was discussion only.  The discussion began at 3:20pm. 


  1. Business:                            

A.    Lane Blackmore property exchange revised proposal.

Mr. Blackmore has revised the property exchange proposal and had written an introductory letter which he passed out to the Committee members. 

The letter lists each parcel involved with a brief description and the advantage it may have in the exchange.  Lane also had a legal description of each parcel. 

He would like to have the different entities and stake holders “weigh in” on the proposal.  The thought being if they all attached their opinions to the letter when the proposal gets to the decision makers they can see how the exchange is not only beneficial to Confluence Park but to the surrounding communities. 

Lane presented a map labeled with the legal descriptions, showing the location and whether it was currently Confluence Park or his property.  There would be 9 acres going to the Park and 2 acres going to The Home Company. 

            One of the benefits for the exchange is connecting the city street to Confluence Park on the Hurricane side.  It would allow the north end of 100 West be additional parking or become part of the trail head.  The parcel The Home Company would receive would connect Hurricane Main Street to 100 West.  Then their development could connect it to 200 West.  It does have a public safety value to it.    

One of the parcels is above the cliff and has no practical value to the Park, while a larger parcel Mr. Blackmore owns would give the Park about 1400 feet of River frontage from the bridge to Rocky Mountain Power’s property and would connect a couple of different trails.    


Steve explained that the Division of Wildlife Resources requires an enumeration process to see what is there and what the conditions are to evaluate the exchange.  

If DWR doesn’t mange the easements properly Fish and Wildlife Services could tell them they would like their money back.


Mayor Hooten stated every discussion the Board has had regarding the exchange has been in favor of it, it just needs to get through the red tape. 


Lane said he wanted to present something that had a physical dimension to it and wasn’t just a conceptual idea. 


Cameron reported he did contact Nature Conservancy and they didn’t have any available resources to help with the exchange.  He suggested Lane include a map in his presentation.  That will give people the ability to see the River and what is above and below the Park.   

Cameron will create a map. 

Once the map has been completed he thought it may be a good idea for Lane to present it to the County and the surrounding communities involved with Confluence Park.

Including pictures of what the Park will get and what they will be giving up may also be a good idea.     


Lane commented that community support could be a good thing.  Once the map is finished he will begin that process.  He would like for each of the entities to write an approval letter showing support of this exchange to give the proposal the weight of the community under an official action.  


B.      SR 9 easement proposal for parking.

Janet Mika is the new owner of the property south of River Rock Roasting Company.  There is an existing easement across that property for trailhead access.  She would like to propose a revision to that. 


Janet introduced herself and passed out a preliminary site plan for a tiny home vacation rental resort for that property. 

They would like to build 11 tiny homes with a retail building and pool.  The easement would still go right down the middle of the property and into the Park.  She would like to adjust the Park signage.

The conceptual plan has four paved parking spots allocated to Confluence Park parking and the restrooms inside the retail building would be available for Park visitors. 

They do not have final plans for the tiny homes but they do like the caboose concept.   

Janet said she has insured her parcel and wondered who insured the easement.


Kevin Bennett, La Verkin’s city attorney, explained the holder of the easement is who any suit would be filed against.  The underlying property owner should be insured as well.


Cameron would need to check with the County Attorney. 


Janet said she has read the easement document and feels it is vague.  She would like to specify exactly where it is. 

The conceptual site plan has the restrooms inside the retail building, however, she does like the stand-alone restrooms at the Hurricane trailhead and wondered if the Park would prefer them.  If so could the Board contribute financially and with the maintenance.   


Blair went over the possible locations for a restroom and pool and what each area would require from Ash Creek Special Service District (Ash Creek SSD).


Steve explained the Board does not have a big budget, most of the things they have been able to accomplish have been through grants.


Cameron reported there are no open grants that could help with restrooms and Kathleen, the grant writer has retired.  


Janet would like to begin construction early 2018 and would like to block access during construction so no one gets hurt.  She would be willing to section off a walkable area around the construction site.

She asked what the best way to move forward was.   


Cameron said the Board does not have a say in what she does with her private property, the easement would just need to be maintained.  Commissioner Iverson had mentioned to Cameron as long as the easement was maintained the parking spots were a nice bonus.  However, he was concerned with Park visitors utilizing too many spots.  She may want to consider a way to let people know about the parking area.  Northwest of the coffee shop

Cameron said the monument would need to be moved from her property into the easement. 


Janet said she would like to change the Confluence Park sign so people would know it is there. 


Patty mentioned it would enhance the area tremendously if we could draw some of the tourists going to Zion into Confluence Park.


C.     La Verkin LDS Stake Service Project on August 29th.

Cameron reported there will be a service project to clean up the area from the trailhead to the power station.  The project began with the LDS Stake youth group but has been opened to the public.  It will begin at 6pm on the 29th


            D.  Discussion on Park projects.

1.  Power station and Dairy clean up

2.  Beach area-graffiti on tree

3.  New signs

4.  Fence removal

5.  Ash Creek loop trail 

Cameron reported he met with Ash Creek SSD, Commissioner Iverson, and the planning department.  They went through the entire Park and discussed things that could be done to implement the Park plan.  These are a few of the items that came out of the meeting. 

La Verkin City has a little funding and will begin implementing some of the items.

The graffiti was on a dead tree so it will just be removed.   

Cameron will get the new signs installed. 

The barb wire fence along the Ash Creek SSD property is in the process of being removed.


Blair said he knows people that would be interested in cutting up the tree that fell on the road and the tree with graffiti for their wood burning stoves. 


The discussion ended at 4:09pm



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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