Wednesday, February 22, 2017 3:00 p.m.

435 North Main Street, LaVerkin, UT


Present:  Mark Mangum, Mayor Kerry Gubler, Alan Olsen, Kyle Gubler, Anna Andregg, and Christy Ballard.


Richard Prince and Derek Imlay have been excused.


I.                   Call to Order by Mayor Kerry Gubler at 3:05pm.


II.                Approval of Minutes: October 26, 2016 minutes.


Motion was made by Anna Andregg to approve the October 26, 2016 minutes as written, second by Alan Olsen.  Mangum-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Kerry Gubler-yes, Olsen-yes, Andregg-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


III.             Reports: 

A.    Financials: Kyle passed out the financial report year to date. 

Irrigation Fund: The report shows we are running behind but that is normal until the assessment goes out in March. 

The main concern for both the secondary water and culinary water is the number of breaks and the cost associated with them.  A budget amendment was done in January but there will need to be another one. 

There has been an unusual amount of culinary breaks this year due mainly to defective pipe installed.  The City did try to recoup some of the money but the manufacturer has gone belly-up.  Most of the defective pipe is in Centurion Park but there is some in Zion View Estates.  It is not the main line but the laterals going to the individual properties.   

The irrigation fund is higher than in the past from the rate increase but operational expenses will use it.

Derek will begin putting the irrigation water back online March 1st to be ready for the contracted date of March 15th.            

B.     Water Contracts: Kyle passed out the list of delinquent water contract accounts

and the people wishing to sell shares.  There are several that will be getting the attorney letter.    

                   C.  Culinary Water Management update:  Derek was not present to report.

                    D.  Irrigation Water Management update: Mayor Gubler mentioned the City does have a backup motor for the filter system. 

Kyle mentioned if the Diversion Dam can be opened once the snowpack begins to melt it will help La Verkin’s irrigation system immensely.


Kyle will have Derek email the Board members any information he would like them to know on the culinary and irrigation water.        


IV.             Business:

A.    Discussion on the Utah Division of Water Resources new loan program for secondary water meters.   

Kyle passed out a copy of the information he received and reported in December 2016 the Utah Division of Water Resources announced they will lend 3 million dollars a year to communities, at a 1% interest rate, for the installation of secondary water meters.

Staff has thought about metering the secondary water but it would be a very big expense.  There are very few communities in the State that meter secondary water.  The ones that do show a decrease of as much as 40% in water usage. 

The loan duration will be the length of the meter’s warranty minus five years.  The customer charge will be a tier conservation rate. 


Mayor Gubler feels the State requiring the metering of secondary water will not be soon.  Most of La Verkin’s fields are being turned into residential or commercial property.  But this is something the Water Board needs to be aware of.  La Verkin could not financially install the system without help. 


Alan commented he can see a metroplex area benefitting from this but doesn’t feel La Verkin would that much.  Most people in this community are good about following the watering schedule.

He also wondered if the amount of money earned from metering the secondary water would offset the expense of installing and maintaining it.  


Kyle pointed out the water is not clean and the meters would have to be able to handle it. 

He also mentioned eventually the City may not have the option, it may be a requirement.  If that ever happens the State would have to provide either a time frame or a way to finance it because smaller communities couldn’t afford it.


Mayor Gubler reported La Verkin has a good water right and if we are conscientious of the way we manage it we could prolong the requirement longer than some communities.   


Alan stated he would, rather than installing these meters, take that money and create more holding reservoirs. 


Mayor Gubler mentioned he would like La Verkin to be able to put in a reservoir that could settle our water.  The cost would be about a million dollars that we don’t have but it would save on the maintenance of the system.


Kyle said La Verkin may be able to connect to the reservoir going in Toquerville.  However, the City would need to be very careful not to give up its water right. 

Ron Thompson with WCWCD has shown some interest in doing this. 

That water will come out of Ash Creek off Pine Valley Mountain. 


Mayor Gubler stated La Verkin has one of the best water rights and we need to protect that.


Anna said the EPA has a resolution that the Federal Government owns every bit of water.  The water has gone from personal ownership to government ownership. 


The Mayor would like the Board members to be aware of this and think about it for future meetings.


Kyle will contact the Todd Stonely with the UDWR to get more information.   


There was a discussion on the cost of installing and maintaining a secondary water meter system verses the cost of the amount of water that would be saved.          


V.                Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

No comments were made.


VI.             Board members’ concerns:

No comments were made. 


VII.          Adjourn:


Motion was made by Anna Andregg to adjourn, second by Kyle Gubler.  Kerry Gubler-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Mangum-yes, Andregg-yes, Olsen-yes.  Motion carried at 3:30pm.



Minutes were done by Christy Ballard.

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