Regular Meeting

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 6:00pm

City Council Chambers, 111 South Main Street

LaVerkin, Utah 84745


Present:  Chair Pro Tem Allen Bice; Commissioners: Sherman Howard, Hugh Howard and Karl Benson; Staff:  Derek Imlay, Kyle Gubler, Kevin Bennett and Christy Ballard; Public: Richard Hirschi and Robert & Adrienne Jahns.

Chair Anna Andregg has been excused.


I.             Call to Order:  Chair Pro Tem Allen Bice called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.  The Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance was given by Richard Hirschi.


II.           Approval of Minutes: 

Commission may approve the minutes of the July 13, 2016 regular meeting.

Motion was made by Commissioner Sherman Howard to approve the July 13, 2016 regular meeting minutes as written, second by Commissioner Karl Benson.  Bice-yes, Sherman Howard-yes, Hugh Howard-yes, Benson-yes.  Motion carried unanimously. 


III.        Approval of the Agenda      

Motion was made by Commissioner Hugh Howard to approve the agenda as written, second by Commissioner Sherman Howard.  Bice-yes, Hugh Howard-yes, Sherman Howard-yes, Benson-yes.   Motion carried unanimously.


IV.              Reports:

1.       Beautification/Trails Committee-Kyle reported the City Council accepted the “L” property so the Committee discussed connecting the trail along the overlook. 

The State Street Cleanup will be in October.    

2.       City Council-Councilman Hirschi had nothing to report. 

3.       Director of Operations-Nothing to report.                                  

V.                 Business:

1.      Discussion and possible action to recommend approval on the revision of the preliminary and final plats for a lot split of property with the Tax ID # LV-132, located directly south of Davis Farmers Market on SR 9.

Kyle reported the item has been before the Planning Commission previously.  Access to the back piece has been changed from the south side of the parcel to the center of the parcel. 


Kevin mentioned the Planning Commission held a public hearing previously for this item and the Commissioners recommended approval.  However, before it went before the City Council the buyer and seller adjusted the access easement.  The drainage & utility easement will stay on the south side.  

The access easement has changed from 30 feet to 25 feet. 

Motion was made by Commissioner Sherman Howard to recommend approval for the revised preliminary and final plats for a lot split of property with the Tax ID # LV-132, located directly south of Davis Farmers Market, second by Commissioner Karl Benson.  Sherman Howard-yes, Hugh Howard-yes, Bice-yes, Benson-yes.  Motion carried unanimously. 


2.      Discussion on the La Verkin City State Street Zone Map to be included with the ordinance making minor clarifications in the Tourist/Resort Commercial Zone, and establishing or revising the boundaries of the existing commercial zones within the City. 

Commissioner Bice explained this item was discussed at the last meeting but it didn’t have the correct map.  There were no changes to the zones or ordinance, only the correct map was added. 


Kevin explained the outlining boundaries for the Commercial zones have not changed, there has just been a shift in the individual commercial zones boundaries. 


Commissioner Bice mentioned a public hearing was held for this item and there were no comments made.


Derek stated if the Commissioners are okay with the map, staff will get it ready for possible recommended approval at the next meeting.   


The Commissioners are ready to move forward with this item. 

VI.             Report on possible future agenda items:

1.      Kyle passed out the next section of the Affordable Housing Plan, it will probably be on the next agenda.

He would like to have the plan done by the end of 2016.

This plan is an element of the General Plan and is required by State Statute. 

2.      Staff would like the Commissioners to look into allowing vacation rentals in the R-3-6 Zone as well as

the Mobile Home Zone.  There have been some inadvertently licensed in those areas as well as several people wanting to get licensed in those areas.  It will be on a future agenda for discussion. 

There were different suggestions on this topic such as perhaps allowing vacation rentals in standalone housing versus multiple family dwellings where there are common walls.


Kevin explained the original proposal was put together from 14 months of discussion and moved through the Planning Commission and City Council very quickly.  He would like to Commissioners to review the ordinance, perhaps drive through the excluded zones, and decide if they would like to make any changes.

3.      Derek passed out an RV resort development plan staff has received.  The owner does not want them

made public.  He explained where this development would be located.  The packet shows the design of the resort, the rules and contracts for the short term rentals, and a letter of reference.

It would require a new zone to be created.     

This has gone through two development meetings with staff and seems to be a favorable project. 

Staff would like the Commissioners to consider setting a work meeting to discuss the possibility of creating a new zone and the criteria for that zone. 

Different criteria options were discussed such as age of RV’s allowed and transient room tax requirements.         


Kevin mentioned the handout is just an introduction to the concept and not for the actual development. 

4.      There will be a lot split and dedication coming to the Planning Commission after the JUC meeting.   


Commissioner Benson said he liked the idea of discussing future agenda items so they have an idea of what is coming up before getting the packet on Friday and dealing with the issue on Wednesday. 


Motion was made by Commissioner Hugh Howard to adjourn, second by Commissioner Sherman Howard. Sherman Howard-yes, Hugh Howard-yes, Bice-yes, Benson-yes.  Motion carried unanimously at 6:43pm.


Minutes taken on behalf of the City Recorder by Christy Ballard.

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