Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Lynn Chamberlain                    Washington County-HCP

Kerry Gubler                            La Verkin City

Paul Heideman                         Toquerville City


Steve Meismer                         VRP

Rhett Boswell                           UDWR

Kathleen Nielson                      Grant Writer

Dennis Kay                              VRLPA

Ken Hooten                              La Verkin City Council Representative

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City


        I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Kerry Gubler called the meeting to order at 4:07pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 

Motion was made by Lynn Chamberlain to approve the May 18, 2016 minutes, second by Paul Heideman.  Lynn-yes, Kerry-yes, Paul-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Business:                            

A.    History of the Park report-Kathleen Neilson

Kathleen is working on a report of all the grants she has been involved in and some of the major items that have been accomplished.  The report should be ready for the August meeting. 


Mayor Gubler reminded the Board the July meeting will be cancelled. 


B.     Discussion on the restroom cleaning/maintenance schedule

Lynn did give the cleaning schedule to Toquerville City Office.  He will follow up with Lance Gubler to make sure he received it.


Rhett Boswell arrived at 4:09pm


C.    Picnic Tables-Lynn Chamberlain

Lynn reported the two new picnic tables have been installed.

There is two more coming.  That will give the Park a total of six tables.  The four installed are at the La Verkin Creek area.  Mayor Gubler wondered if there was another area the next two should go.


There was a discussion on different places a picnic table could go.  Some suggestions were by Gordon Woods’s property or by the big rock just around the turn to the power plant.  The road to those areas has been improved so the tables could be hauled in with a truck. 

It was decided to place the next two tables in one of those areas.                 


D.    Discussion on a priority list and future projects for the Park. 

Kathleen put this on the agenda for a discussion.  There was talk of her leaving the Committee but she has not made that decision.  There are no grants until spring so she will take some time off once the History of the Park report is complete. 

Kathleen would like to know what the Board members feel is the top priorities.


Paul suggested having a list of Eagle Scout Projects for boys interested in doing a project for the Park.  He also mentioned Toquerville will give each boy up to $250 to help with the project.  


Kathleen said she and Lynn could meet with Staff and find out what the procedure is.  She feels like having a list and a point person to handle it is a good idea. 

Bob did have a list. 

We need to have a master design for picnic tables and benches so they are all uniform. 


Ken said he feels the most important thing is to connect the trails on the Hurricane side with the ones on the La Verkin side. 

There are a lot of concerns with that and money is an issue.


Steve mentioned the USGS has a discharge measuring gage in the Park.  A lot of places use bridges to take high flow measurements along with regular measurements, perhaps there may be some way to tie a bridge into something else.


Paul suggested gathering the material a little at a time.


Kathleen said bridges that would qualify for a grant are manufactured so gathering the materials would not really work but perhaps getting the communities excited would make people willing to contribute.


Mayor Gubler would like to add acquiring land by the Main Street trailhead to the list.  It is unusable until we get some parking. 


Kathleen explained her idea for that space was to have ample parking along with each of the surrounding communities having a presence there promoting the things to do in their community.

The County is not interested in purchasing that property.  However, UDOT may want to partner in doing something with it.

Kathleen went over the previous discussions with the Gordon Wood family in regard to this property. 


Mayor Gubler mentioned realtors were interested in the property and seemed on board with allowing the Park to use the property for the trailhead. 


Kathleen reported she had spoken with them and they were interested in tying up the property so their development could have access to the Park.  She thought they were just waiting for the entire development to be approved before moving forward. 


Kathleen mentioned the power station should be on the list.  There has been a fence installed to keep people out.  She feels there should be signage installed explaining the history of the building.  It also needs to be cleaned up, saving all of the loose brick so if there is rebuilding of any kind the original brick could be used. 

Everyone would like to see it in working order but that is a large project. 


Ken suggested turning the building into a type of museum. 


Kathleen will look for grant opportunities if the Board would like to move forward with it. 


The building was owned by Rocky Mountain Power, maybe they would be willing to partner with the Confluence in doing some restoration work. 


Dennis mentioned the Virgin River Land Trust may be interested in helping with the restoration of the building as well. 


Kathleen said there will be the ongoing restoration and conservation.  The Quality Growth Commission and the La Rae McAllister Fund have been very helpful in that regard.  They did send her a letter inviting the Park to apply again this year but there isn’t a project ready to go and the VRLT was going to submit an application to help purchase the Ken Anderson property for Confluence Park.


Dennis reported VRLT was getting the application ready to submit when they received a letter stating the WCWCD is purchasing the property. 


Steve will check into the details of that possible purchase. 


Rhett pointed out that property will be private property if the WCWCD does purchase it, and suggested rolling it into the conservation easement. 


Steve reported Ron Thompson spoke with him about the amount of property needed from the larger parcel for the 100 year floodplain.           


  IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

No comments were made.


    V.            Board members concerns:

Ken would like to discuss the camping policy at the next meeting. 


There was a discussion on different ideas of getting an EA done for the Lane Blackmore property exchange.


Kathleen will get Lynn a copy of the Confluence Park Master Plan and Rhett has a copy of the Baseline Inventory report if he needs it.  Rhett will also email Lynn a copy of the deed between Confluence and the UDWR. 


Rhett will is planning to continue with habitat improvements in the Park.  That is something the Scouts could help with.


Lynn asked about ownership/management of Confluence Park and who is responsible for what and what the plans are for the Park once it gets irrigation water.   


Rhett explained Washington County owns the property with DNR holding part of the easement.  DWR also has three separate conservation easements with the County.  The deed itself is to preserve the natural character of the area.


Kathleen reported in the original plan the fields would be irrigated.  Who or how those fields would be managed was never decided. 


Mayor Gubler thought that when the Sewer District put the plant in they would raise and sell hay to use the water from the plant. 


Steve explained he was on the original committee and the idea was to maintain a historical perspective on the Park with things like a native plant nursery.  Ash Creek Sewer District has indicated they were interested in putting a treatment plant on their property by the Park and utilize the water from that.  Originally they wanted to use Type 2 water which is no human contact.  That would require people to be kept out of the Park.  He said the last discussion he was part of, the water would be Type 1.

The other issue would be if someone contracts to use the fields it would probably be a monetary investment.  Would they want kids in the field being farmed? 


Any historical use of the area is allowed in the easement. 


Ken reported the treatment plant is moving forward and should be completed in 4-5 years.


Kathleen wondered if the property was leased would that money would go back to Park funding.


Lynn said he was told Ash Creek Sewer District will get the water to the area then it will be up to the Park to get it where they need it. 


Dennis pointed out the VRLPA ended up owning water rights in La Verkin’s secondary water system intended for the Park.  Those are still available, to purchase or to use them.


Mayor Gubler reported the County is talking to the City of La Verkin about leasing water from them.  


Rhett stated there are organizations desperate for research plots for native plants, once the Park has irrigation water perhaps that may be an option for Confluence Park. 


  VI.            Adjourn:

Motion was made by Lynn Chamberlain to adjourn, second by Paul Heideman.  Lynn-yes, Kerry-yes, Paul-yes.  Motion carried unanimously at 4:56pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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