Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP

Kerry Gubler                           La Verkin City

Clark Fawcett                           Hurricane City

Paul Heideman                                    Toquerville City



Dennis Kay                              VRLPA

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Ken Hooten                             La Verkin City Council Representative

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City

Henry Hilburn                         Boy Scout advisor

Robert Cross                            Boy Scout                   

Naomi Wright                          River Rock Roasting Company

Jim Soria                                  River Rock Roasting Company


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Kerry Gubler called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 

Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to approve the February 17, 2016 minutes as corrected, second by Clark Fawcett.  Bob-yes, Kerry-yes, Clark-yes, Paul-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


Robert Cross is working toward his Eagle Scout and would like to weld picnic tables or benches for Confluence Park as his final project.  Henry Hilburn, one of Roberts advisors, has been teaching him how to weld and will supervise the project.     


The Board decided they would like Mr. Cross to build picnic tables.  They would also like Robert to earn as much of the money for the table as possible, at least one fourth the amount, as part of his project then they will cover the rest.    

Bob has plans for a picnic table that he will email to Robert.


  1. Business:                            

A.    Lane Blackmore property exchange-Bob Sandberg

Bob had pictures explaining where the property is located and mentioned everyone involved feels the exchange is a good thing and makes sense with the layout of the Park.  Appraisals would need to be done to determine the value of all properties involved. 

The local people with Division of Wildlife Resources understand the reason behind the exchange but the Salt Lake office does not. 

The main issue is that Fish and Wildlife Services paid the conservation easement, in part, and they are saying an environmental assessment would need to be done to determine if the conservation easement can be modified.  The State Director of Fish and Wildlife Service in Salt Lake City told Bob he would talk with his regional office in Denver to see if the conservation easement could be modified without having to do and EA, which can be expensive. 


Kathleen mentioned the Quality Growth Commission might be willing to help with the assessment.


Bob will keep moving forward with this issue.

Commissioner Iverson has been trying to help move the exchange forward as well. 


B.     Access Points Grant- Kathleen Nielson

Kathleen reported there are a couple more signs that need to go up in La Verkin.  Once they have been installed, she will get photos and send the paperwork in.

Hurricane still needs to get the street signage in place for the Trailhead.  Kathleen doesn’t think that will need to be done before the grant can be finalized. 


C.    Discuss plans for Hurricane Trailhead celebration-Bob Sandberg

The invitation will have the panorama viewscape from the Hurricane Trailhead with the information listed below.  A map will be on the back of the invitation.   

Hurricane will include the information in their newsletter and on their website.

La Verkin will have the information on their website and on the April bill.

Kathleen will contact the newspaper.

Hurricane will take care of directing the parking, the set up and clean up and the refreshments. 

Kathleen will bring nametags.

Lucy is in charge of the trail tours.

Clark will get the ribbon and scissors from the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce. 

Hurricane will set up signs along Main Street directing people. 

The speakers will be Mayor Bramell and Bob Sandberg with some acknowledgements from Clark Fawcett.              


D.    Funding for the Cache Valley Bank property-Bob Sandberg

Bob passed out a photograph showing the proximity of the property to Confluence Park.  

Bob has contacted several entities for donations.  The Nature Conservancy has agreed to donate $75,000.  Bob applied to the State’s Endangered Species Litigation Fund for $100,000 and submitted a proposal to the Fish and Wildlife Service for Section 6 funding for $650,000. 

The total amount needed is $1,250,000.

The most recent appraisal is at least three years old.  At that time, the property appraised for just over 2 million dollars.

There will be another appraisal done by Cache Valley Bank.


The Conservation Firm is willing to purchase the property if they can be reassured payback.         


E.     Discuss Confluence Park logo-Bob Sandberg

Bob reported Washington County has changed their logo and since Confluence                            Park has never had an official logo, he wondered how the Board felt about adopting the County logo for Confluence Park. 

Bob passed out pictures of the logo.  The Board could change where the title would go.  The Board was in favor of the new logo with the title underneath.


F.     Picnic Tables-Bob Sandberg

The Hurricane High School welding class has completed two picnic tables for the Park.  Bob has had them power coated, we just need to put in a cement anchor.


Mayor Gubler mentioned S & S Steel has agreed to donate material for three picnic tables.  


G.    Hurricane YSA service project-Bob Sandberg

The Young Single Adult LDS ward is going to finish demolishing the old feed barn and clean up the area. 

They are going to try to salvage the barn wood. 


 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

Jim and Naomi Soria own River Rock Roasting Company.  They are very pro parks, open space and trail systems and are excited to have a trailhead to the south of their business. 

River Rock Roasting Company is rapidly growing and is at the point now that even their own parking is becoming an issue.  They have been talking to the property owner to the north of them about possibly using his parcel for parking as well.

People going to Confluence Park and parking in their parking lot has been a little bit of an issue and when the Soria’s saw the signs going up they thought people would start parking there.  That hasn’t been the case.  Now there is a sign attracting people and the closet parking is River Rock’s parking lot. 

He has discussed this issue with Bob. 

He doesn’t want to be “that guy” that complains about people being on his property but his business parking is already overflowing during the peak hours and any added pressure to the parking will just cause people to go somewhere else. 


Bob said Confluence Park was interested in purchasing the property but the asking price was more than the County could pay. 

The Park currently has a 30-35 foot easement for people to access the Park.

Bob has tried to contact the Wood family to see if they would be interested in leasing a portion of the property to Confluence.   


Mayor Gubler told the Soria’s they could use the City property on the north side of 300 South for employee parking while this issue gets resolved.


Bob will temporarily cover the sign until this issue can be resolved. 


    V.            Board members concerns:

Bob passed out the updated restroom-cleaning schedule.


Paul mentioned Ash Creek Sewer District seemed willing to sell their La Verkin Creek water shares to the Park.  


 VI.            Adjourn:

Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to adjourn, second by Paul Heideman.  Bob-yes, Kerry-yes, Clark-yes, Paul-yes.  Motion carried unanimously at 5:10pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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