Wednesday, October 28, 2015 3:00 p.m.

435 North Main Street, LaVerkin, UT


Present:  Virgil Bice, Alan Olsen, Anna Andregg, Mayor Kerry Gubler, Kyle Gubler, Derek Imlay, Doug Gubler and Christy Ballard.


Mark Mangum has been excused.


I.                   Call to Order by Mayor Kerry Gubler at 3:11pm.


II.                Approval of Minutes: June 24, 2015 minutes.


Motion was made by Kyle Gubler to approve the June 24, 2015 minutes as written, second by Alan Olsen.  Bice-yes, Olsen-yes, Andregg-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Doug Gubler-yes, Imlay-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


III.             Reports: 

A.    Financials-Kyle Gubler

The financials were handed out. 

Kyle reported there was a major break on the main line coming into La Verkin on the north side.  The line was over 15 feet deep so the City had to hire Interstate Rock to dig down that far, which has put us way over budget.  Money will probably have to be moved from savings to cover it. 


Doug reported the line was the original line.  It was that deep because when they raised and widened the road they didn’t raise the pipe they just piled the dirt on top of it. 


Derek noticed water coming up through the sidewalk, which is how the break was found.  He mentioned replacing the pipe from the bridge into La Verkin is a project listed in the Master Water Plan.


Kyle reported the irrigation assessments are in March and that is the majority of our income for this budget. 


B.     Culinary Water Management Update-Derek Imlay

Derek said the main issue has been discussed. 

There has been an increase in culinary water breaks, which is normal.  The unfortunate thing is most of them have been in the road.   

It should start to slow down once it gets cold.


Derek went over the main reasons the pipes are breaking. 

Doug has implemented things to help us do our part to keep lines from breaking but there is nothing that can be done about the movement of the ground. 

Anna would like to be informed of the Water Conservancy District meetings.


Kyle will get a meeting schedule from WCWCD and get that to her.            


C.     Irrigation Management Update-Derek Imlay

Derek reported the water was out of the system for about a week but it was during the storms so there were not a lot of calls.  It’s back in now but because the weather is getting cooler people aren’t using enough irrigation water and pressure is building up and causing breaks in the weaker areas.  That is normal for this time of year. 

November 15 is the contracted turn off date but the City has been keeping the water in until the first big freeze. 

Derek feels it would be better to turn the irrigation water off on the contracted day to help reduce the number of breaks.


Alan suggested lifting the water restrictions. 


Derek said staff has not been enforcing the water restrictions since the weather has turned cold. 


Mayor Gubler asked how the Board members felt about taking the irrigation water out of the system on November 15.  If December happens to be extremely warm, the Water Board can meet again and decide whether or not they would like to put the water back in for a little while. 

He would like to make the shut off day consistent so people know what to expect.       


Kyle said that in the past the City has flushed the main line in the system.  The Mayor will need to talk to Ron Thompson before we do that.  


The Board members all agreed to take the irrigation water out on November 15 and flush the system.


That will need to be on the next water bill.

Kyle will put it on the Facebook page and the website.


Motion was made by Doug Gubler to take the Secondary Water out of the system on November 15, 2015; if December is unseasonably warm, the water can be put back in the system for a time, second by Anna Andregg.  Doug Gubler-yes, Andregg-yes, Olsen-yes, Bice-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Imlay-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.       


D.    Water Usage

1.      Culinary Water

Derek passed out the updated water usage chart. 

The slippage has gone down.  Derek feels the drop is from coming off line from Ash Creek Springs.  The percentages go up when we are online.  He thinks there may be an issue with that line.  The Toquerville Springs line is new and doesn’t seem to affect our slippage percentage.


Mayor Gubler would like to know if Hurricane has the same issue with Ash Creek Springs.


Derek and Doug will look into it.


2.      Secondary Water


E.     Contracts-Kyle Gubler

Kyle passed out the current list. 

The final letter will go out next month to the people in the bottom section.  That should reduce the list substantially. 


There was a discussion on the benefit of owning large amounts of water shares. 

The irrigation water is only metered as it comes into the City, the citizens are not metered. 


Russell Bezette still flood irrigates but will not be allowed to after this year.  


IV.             Business:

A.    Discussion and possible action to increase the irrigation water rates.

Kyle reported the Engineers conducted a study in May of 2010 and recommended at that time

La Verkin raise irrigation rates incrementally. 

The Water Board chose not to raise the rates at that time.

Each year since then the auditor has mentioned the two funds that do not pay for themselves and need a rate increase is the Irrigation Fund and the Drainage Fund. 

With the condition of the irrigation system, staff feels it is time to raise rates. 

Derek has broken down each of the areas and listed the price they need to be to cover the expenses. 

That list was passed out.

If the increase had taken place as suggested by the Engineer and the Auditor there would be an additional $41,000 for the FY2016.  Our current budget is $9,000 and that is not enough. 


Mayor Gubler pointed out as the system has gotten older, it takes more to maintain it and that money has to come from somewhere.


Anna is concerned with the increase of $60 per share that is stated in the minutes.  The current price is $10 per share two times a year plus the assessment. 


Kyle said that is not what was meant, he had included the share fee and the assessment in the $60 total. 


Derek reported the suggested increase would be $.77 on the stand-by fee, $2.66 on the connection fee, and $10.85 for the contract holder assessment fee. 


Anna was concerned with how a rate increase would affect people with multiple water shares.


Mayor Gubler said the Board needs to decide if they would like to recommend raising the water rates and if so, how much they would like to raise them, along with a time frame for doing that.


Derek will figure out how much more Anna will be paying for her five shares to help figure the impact it will be for people with multiple water shares.

He stated the rates need to be increased, as unpopular as that is, there is just not enough money to maintain the system.


Anna said the last time the drainage fee was increased (approx. 8-10 years ago) the percentage was 99% income with 1% cost for maintenance; she wondered what that percentage is today.


Kyle replied he is not as familiar with the Drainage Fund but knows there are a couple street bonds that the Drainage Fund helps cover.  He will look into it.  

The auditors talk specifically about the Irrigation and Drainage Funds needing more revenue.   


Alan mentioned that while no one wants to see the rates increase, the condition of cities that have no water to take care of yards look terrible and we don’t want that either.  If there is not enough money to maintain the system then the rates need to be adjusted. 


Anna understands the need to cover maintenance issues and is not against increasing the water rates but feels the increase needs to be reasonable. 


Mayor Gubler would like the Board to consider this issue and be ready to discuss it and make a recommendation to the City Council at the next Water Board meeting. 

He would like to meet the fourth Wednesday in January.


B.     Discussion and possible action to set the 2016 Water Board meetings.

The 2015 schedule was the fourth Wednesday at 3:00pm in February, June, and October. 


Motion was made by Anna Andregg to set the 2016 Water Board meetings as follows; the fourth Wednesday at 3pm for February, June, October and adding January, second by Doug Gubler.  Doug Gubler-yes, Andregg-yes, Imlay-yes, Olsen-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Bice-yes.  Motion carried unanimously. 


V.                Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

                  No comment.


VI.             Board members concerns:



VII.          Adjourn:


Motion was made by Derek Imlay to adjourn, second by Anna Andregg.  Kyle Gubler-yes, Olsen-yes, Bice-yes, Doug Gubler-yes, Imlay-yes, Andregg-yes.  Motion carried at 4:20pm.



Minutes were done by Christy Ballard.

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