Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP

Kerry Gubler                           La Verkin City

Clark Fawcett                           Hurricane City

Darren Cottam                         Toquerville City



Steve Meismer                         VRP

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Ken Hooten                             La Verkin City Council

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Kerry Gubler called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 
  2. Motion was made by Darren Cottam to approve the June 17, 2015 minutes as written, second by Bob Sandberg.  Bob-yes, Kerry-yes, Clark-yes, Darren-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Business:                            

A.    Access Points Grant-Kathleen Nielson

 Kathleen reported the Center Street and SR9 trailhead signage has been received.  The other four signs, along with the panorama sign and map will be shipped on September 9th

Hurricane is working on the roof at their trailhead.  The inside has been painted and they are working on the power.    

The parking lot is still unclear.  Arthur LeBaron has staked it out but Kathleen wanted to make sure he remembered the cars cannot be seen from down below. 

Since there is not going to be a street going in, the parking should head the other way. 

            Hurricane will take care of the highway and street signs that give directions to the Trailhead.  Kathleen will let them know what needs to be on it or can be on it. 

The actual Trailhead signage will be like La Verkin’s, only smaller. 

            For the SR9 Virgin River Trailhead, there is no place on the East side of the highway to put any signage.  Kathleen suggested a monument sign close to the road, back to back that can be seen from either direction. 

The Center Street Trailhead only has parking on the street.  Kyle Gubler didn’t think that would be a problem.  There are signs already posted stating no parking on the right side of the street so she is not sure where to put the sign. 


Bob has talked to Kyle and was told if anything needs to be done to change the no parking on Center Street or 560 West, the City Council would have to approve it.

He will work with Kyle to get something figured out. 


Kathleen mentioned there is still some question with the property the monument is on, some of the property the neighbors think is theirs belongs to the Park.   

The monument is on Park property but she wasn’t sure a person could walk from the street to the monument and not be on private property. 

Vehicles do need to be prevented from going down into the Park.

            Mike mentioned to her the Public Works Department in Hurricane finishes a project and then does the summation on the work and details.  She will need a copy of that.

She knows the cost on most of the other things, hopefully by next month it should be all together.  There is still some question on how much material will be needed on the SR9 Virgin River Trailhead to keep people off the private property.    


B.     Maintenance-Bob Sandberg

Bob reported there have been some individuals working off community service hours in the Park.  They have been weeding around the parking area and trees. 

He does get a lot of requests for community service but has only accepted a few.  If anyone has ideas on projects let him know.


Kathleen suggested the location Toquerville is going to help with.  Everything is right there and the project is straightforward.


Bob has had the County weed person down dealing with the noxious weeds.  They have sprayed as much of the puncture vine they could along the trails, the dairy and the power plant. 

They have not been on the Hurricane side yet; they will try to get there before it burrs up. 

            Bob has a group that is willing to take down the old feed barn that is next to the dairy barn.  Tom Kuhlmann is willing to work with the group to remove it in October.

Tom mentioned salvaging as much of the barn wood as possible in case it could be used somewhere else. 

Bob said he didn’t think much could be salvaged.

If the group needs more to do, he will have them remove the deadfall along the trail from the power plant to SR9.

If anyone has any ideas for service projects, let Bob know. 


Christy reported the welding teacher at the local high school said they would make picnic tables for the Park if the material was provided. 

She will find out how many tables they would be willing to make. 


Bob asked if everyone had the restroom-cleaning schedule or any concerns.        


C.    Irrigation water update-Bob Sandberg

Bob is still working with Alpha Engineering on getting information such as where the water is going to come from, where it is going to go, size of the pipe, number of acres and the volume of water needed to irrigate the fields, along with an estimated cost of installation.

Looping the system with La Verkin’s is not going to work because of the pressure differential. 

They are looking at coming off the La Verkin Creek inlet by Riverwood.


D.    Potential property acquisition-Bob Sandberg

The Gordon Wood property has been discussed.


Bob explained the Ken Anderson property boundaries.  Ken Anderson has filed bankruptcy on the property.  The portion that has the Legend sign is included in the Confluence Park Master Plan if it ever came available to purchase.  It is a 186-acre parcel. 

Cache Valley Bank currently owns the property.  They contacted Virgin River Land Preservation Association and offered to sell them the property.  VRLPA then went to the County and asked if they would collaborate with them in purchasing the property for Confluence Park.  The Bank has not given VRLPA a price.  The County paid for an appraisal four years ago, that came in at 2 million dollars, which seems high.

The Bank said they were willing to negotiate so VRLPA is hoping the actual purchase price will be a lot lower than the appraisal. 

The HCP Advisory Committee agreed to support the effort as far as once a price was determined, VRLPA can go back and request funding.  Bob feels that VRLPA will be contacting the communities involved, the Water District and any other entity they think may be willing to partner with them in getting the funding.  

Bob pointed out there is no access to the property and even if there were, there is not much that can be developed without a lot of money spent to level the area. 

The main question from VRLPA was, if the Conservation Fund does the negotiating and fronts the money, is there enough support that they will be paid back. 

This group was involved in the negation of the initial purchasing of Confluence Park. 

E.     Funding opportunities for implementation of Master Plan-Kathleen Nielson

Kathleen spoke with the National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Program.  Once they looked carefully at what the group is able to fund, it didn’t fit with what this Board does.   

The current Confluence Park Master Plan is very complete.  Some of the details could be more refined but that is what this Board does.  The Board decides where the next area they want to work on is then looks for support.  It is easier to get State and Federal money with community support. 

Once the trailheads are complete, the Board will need to decide what they would like to do next. 

Kathleen encouraged those that have not looked at the Master Plan to do so.

The National Park Service group helps with creating master plans and/or projects.  The Park already has the Plan so they didn’t think it would be beneficial to them or to us.


Darren said he feels Confluence Park has a conceptual Master Plan with an outline of how the Park should look.  Confluence is a primitive and unique park.  He would like Bill Jackson to talk to this Board.  Bill is a park planner and told Darren he was involved with Confluence at the very beginning so he knows the outlay of the Park.  Bill would like to go with Bob to the Park and then come to a meeting to discuss the benefits of having a certified master plan. 

Darren discussed the benefit Bill has been to Toquerville’ s parks. 


Kathleen mentioned she would like to talk with Bill about the Wilderness Fest that is held in Confluence Park by the La Verkin Creek.  There is a section of ground higher than the rest, in the center section, that the Fest used as a stage with the booths along the fence.  It was a great set up.  She would like to mark out that area somehow for future group gatherings. 

            Kathleen has worked with the National Park Service group before and what they did was enough similar to what Confluence already has so it would be a duplication of effort.

Confluence Park is a natural park and she feels doesn’t require a lot of refining.  They don’t want more roads and everyone seems happy with the number of trails. 

She does feel the power station needs to be a high priority.    


Darren said a committee like this would help once the master plan was designed.  One of the ways would be by setting a priority list.


Bob explained this Board does that and the Master Plan already has enough detail and a list of priorities so he doesn’t see the need to create another one. 

If we could find someone that could help us implement what we already have, that would be beneficial.   Someone to take the areas and concepts and try to refine what it is that could be done then helps develop something that could be used to apply for more grants.


Kathleen stated there were a lot of different entities involved to make Confluence Park happen, she doesn’t think it would be a good idea to mess with that. 


Darren would like Bill Jackson to come in and speak to the Board.  Bill has some background with Confluence and a lot of experience with designing city parks.


Kathleen wondered if Ash Creek was still interested in developing their property and putting in soccer fields. 


Mayor Gubler explained it is a possible plan.  Ash Creek owns 40 acres and only needs 5 acres for the treatment plant.  La Verkin has talked about leasing the remaining acreage from them and putting in sports fields.


Bob mentioned he has discussed with Ash Creek Sewer District irrigation lines going through their property.  La Verkin leasing the property has been discussed and is on everyone’s mind but there are still a lot of questions and the District is open to discussion. 


The Board was okay with Mr. Jackson coming to the meeting.                                       


 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

No comments were made.


    V.            Board members concerns:

Clark mentioned September’s meeting is during the Utah League of Cities and Towns Conference.


There will not be a quorum. 


Mayor Gubler cancelled September’s meeting. 


Darren talked to Corey Martin from the non-profit group that presented to the Board.  Corey told him that no one has relayed any information on the Boards decision to him.

Darren suggested formally writing them a letter.


Bob mentioned it was left up in the air.  Commissioner Iverson wanted to talk to other 501c3 groups.  He will talk to the Commissioners and then let Corey know. 



 VI.            Adjourn:

Motion was made by Clark Fawcett to adjourn, second by Bob Sandberg.  Bob-yes, Kerry-yes, Clark-yes. Darren-yes.   Motion carried at 5:04pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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