Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:00 p.m.

435 North Main Street, LaVerkin, UT


Present:  Virgil Bice, Alan Olsen, Mark Mangum, Mayor Kerry Gubler, Kyle Gubler, Derek Imlay, and Christy Ballard.


Anna Andregg and Doug Gubler have been excused.

I.                   Call to Order by Chair Virgil Bice at 3:03pm.  Invocation by Kyle Gubler.


II.                Approval of Minutes: October 22, 2014 minutes


Motion was made by Kyle Gubler to approve the October 22, 2014 minutes as written, second by Mark Mangum.  Bice-yes, Mangum-yes, Kerry Gubler-yes, Kyle Gubler-yes, Olsen-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


III.             Council Appointment of New Board Member

Alan Olsen will finish out Victor Iverson’s term. 


Mayor Gubler passed out a copy of the La Verkin City Code that deals with the Water Board.  

IV.             Reports: 

A.    Financials-Kyle Gubler

Kyle passed out a copy of the Water Budget and the Irrigation Budget.  As of the end of February, we are 2/3 of the way through the year.  We have had more breaks than anticipated so some of the lines are close but are still within the budget. 

The Water Fund is in good shape.

            The Auditor has suggested combining the Water and Irrigation Funds.  The funds have been separate since the City took over the irrigation.  The Canal Company had a savings account that, as part of the purchase agreement, could only be used on the irrigation system.  That money has been used.  The Auditor has contacted the State Auditor and there is not a problem with combing the two, although he does suggest waiting until the new fiscal year to make the change. 

The irrigation and culinary budget lines would remain separate they would just be under one fund. 

The Auditor has also explained the City is getting to the point irrigation revenue will not cover the expenses and suggested a rate increase for the irrigation. 

Kyle pointed out the irrigation system is around 30 years old and is breaking more often.

The assessment for irrigation goes out in March so the budget will increase.

The culinary water fund is strong.


Mark feels it makes sense to have one financial statement instead of two, especially if all of the information is still there. 

Mayor Gubler thinks it is a good idea especially since the reserve has been used.


Virgil agreed.


Alan wondered how many people in the City don’t have irrigation and agreed that as long as the culinary and irrigation can remain separate so the rate increase doesn’t affect the citizens that don’t have irrigation he is in favor of it.


The rate increase amount is based on a study done by our engineer.  The study has been done.


Mayor Gubler proposed discussing a rate increase at the next meeting for the upcoming fiscal year that begins in July.


Alan suggested doing a graduated increase. 


Mark thinks we should look at cutting expenses if possible, before the rate is increased.


Mayor Gubler agreed, and said the study will help determine what should be done.  We will look at all the options.  

A settling pond would help the performance of the irrigation system but that is very expensive and he thinks there is only one location it could go. 


Kyle said there had been talk of getting our irrigation water out of the new reservoir being built in Toquerville but that will probably not be an option.              


B.     Culinary Water Management Update-Derek Imlay

Derek reported La Verkin is in good shape with our water from both sources. 

It is predicted that the irrigation season will start out with a call on the River.  La Verkin is in good shape because we are listed in the top 5.

The maintenance line (6340.440) has a high percentage due to three fire hydrants being hit by vehicles.  We were not able to catch the people that hit them so the City was not able to recoup the cost.        

C.     Irrigation Management Update-Derek Imlay

The irrigation water will be coming in Monday, March 2, weather permitting.  If the turbidity is too high, the filters can’t handle it.  When the water goes in, there are seven different cleanout spots that he will slowly open to clean the lines. 


The amount of money spent on breaks has been increasing, which is why the rate increase is being recommended.  One break alone cost the City over $4,000 because it was located in the front yard of a home that had 51 feet of concrete that we had to replace. 

Right now, we are just maintaining not improving the system.


Mayor Gubler mentioned we are trying to conserve water by encouraging our citizens to water between the hours of 6pm and 10am.


Derek explained until a few years ago the Conservancy District was feeding the very north end of town (Spanish Gardens, Vintage Park, etc) from La Verkin Creek and not charging us.  They added a valve just past Main Street so that water would start to count against our allotted usage.  Now the District wants to add another meter where the line T’s from their system and goes to Spanish Gardens.  That too will go against our allotment.


The WCWCD has given permission for the Washington County School District to tie into their line for the future elementary school.   

D.    Water Usage

1.      Culinary Water

2.      Secondary Water

Was covered with items B and C.


E.     Contracts-Kyle Gubler

Kyle passed out a list of people wanting to sell their water shares and delinquent accounts.

He explained the process the City goes through on dealing with delinquent accounts. 

Confluence Park wants to buy 30 shares of water.  Kyle has given them this list.  

V.                Business: 

No business items.

VI.             Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

                  No comment.

VII.          Board members concerns:

Kyle has been contacted by Mary Benson who claims the Canal Company took his water shares.  Mr. Benson said the Canal Company was supposed to give them back to him later. 

Kyle told him he would need to bring something in writing that proved that.


If anyone has something they would like on the next agenda, let Christy know a couple weeks in advance. 


Alan suggested educating the citizens on the amount of water their yards or fields actually need.


Kyle said there is a mailer that has to go out once a year for the Water Report.  An education page could be included in that. 


Derek said last year when they put the call on the River the first time staff sent out notices to the high water users and that helped.  His crew also has reminder door hangers that if they see water being wasted they can post.


The suggested watering times are also posted on the water bill.


Mayor Gubler will talk to Ron Thompson about the possibility of a settling pond.


VIII.       Adjourn:


Motion was made by Kyle Gubler to adjourn, second by Alan Olsen.  Kyle Gubler-yes, Kerry Gubler-yes, Mangum-yes, Olsen-yes, Bice-yes.  Motion carried at 3:58pm.


Minutes were done by Christy Ballard.

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