Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP

Kerry Gubler                           La Verkin City

Clark Fawcett                           Hurricane City



Steve Meismer                         VRP

Trail Kreitzer                           UDWR

Dennis Kay                              VRLPA

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Lucy Ormond                          Hurricane Trails Committee

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Kerry Gubler called the meeting to order at 4:10pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 

Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to approve the April 15, 2015 minutes as amended, second by Clark Fawcett.  Bob-yes, Kerry-yes, Clark-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Business:                            

A.    Access Points Grant-Kathleen Nielson

1. Hurricane Main Street-Kathleen passed out a copy of the information that will be on the panorama sign.  She is pleased with the information and layout. 

The navalloy signs have been ordered.  The original plan was to have the Park a different color on the map but the two-tone idea was more expensive so the design company suggested basic black and silver with the perimeter line around the Park different from the other lines.

The other signs will be coming later.

The Trailhead location was staked today.  Kathleen, Bob and Dennis stopped by and they feel the placement has people looking more toward the Desert Reserve than Confluence Park.  The panorama needs to be oriented so the building may need to be shifted.


Clark will meet with Darren before the water and power is put in.                 



B.     SR9 Gordon Wood property-Bob Sandberg

Bob reported Gordon Wood’s family has contacted Bob and would like to sell their property.  Confluence Park doesn’t have enough money in the budget to purchase it.   Bob has contacted WCWCD and VRLT to see if either one of them are interested in collaborating in purchasing the property.

The property is 1.7 acres, some of which is the hillside. 

Bob wondered how the Board felt, if it would be worth looking for partners. 

The parcel does not go all the way to the River or connect to the Conservancy Districts Pah Tempe property so WCWCD didn’t think it would benefit them to purchase the property, but they are going to discuss it and get back to Bob. 


Mayor Gubler and Clark both felt the asking price was high and would like to see an appraisal before a final decision was made. 


Kathleen asked if getting water to the property would be an issue.


Mayor Gubler replied he didn’t think there would be an issue, there did used to be a house located there.


Kathleen said she is hoping that even though WCWCD can’t benefit from the parcel connecting to their other property she hopes they would still consider it and use the Gordon Wood property as a place to have a display telling their history with the water and the processes that go on with water. 


There was a discussion on who the surrounding property owners are. 

Dennis wondered if any of them would be interested in donating their property to the Park. 


Bob will see if the Wood family has a current appraisal.           


C.    Irrigation water update-Bob Sandberg

Bob reported he is working with Alpha Engineering to come up with an irrigation system design.  He is meeting with Alpha and Kyle Gubler from La Verkin City on Friday.  

There has been no irrigation water purchased or leased at this point. 


D.    NRCS funding possibilities-Bob Sandberg

Bob reported he has talked to NRCS about receiving funding, planning help and designing help etc. for water, water lines and irrigation systems.  Because the County owns the property, it makes the Park ineligible for any assistance from the NRCS. If the Park is leased to an individual or non-profit that produces food or fiber then they could receive help.  The property also needs to have been under irrigation within the last five years.  That requirement would make Confluence Park ineligible for assistance even if the Board were to decide to lease the property unless there was some way around the requirement.

Bob will check into the irrigation requirement further.  


E.     Restroom Cleaning Schedule

Bob passed out the restroom-cleaning schedule and mentioned there have been a few weeks that have been missed.                    


 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

Kathleen asked if anyone from the 501c3 group has contacted the Board.


Mayor Gubler replied he didn’t think the Board or the County has contacted them and that is what they were waiting for.


Bob said he talked to Corey Martin and told him it was still under review that the County Attorney was reviewing it and had some concerns and that DWR had some concerns. 

Commissioner Iverson told Bob he wanted to talk to other 501c3s and see how they are organized but that he wouldn’t be able to do that until June. 


    V.            Board members concerns:

Bob stated the County Commission sent a letter to Director Sheehan concerning the Blackmore exchange.  The did receive a response stating if the County wants to spend the money to go through all the NEPA they would be willing to work with them. 

Bob thought that neither Mr. Blackmore nor the County would be interested in spending the money to do that. 

Commissioner Iverson and Commissioner Gardner were going to talk to Director Sheehan. 

The money would be for appraisals, and because it was purchased with Federal Funds, an Environmental Assessment or an Environmental Impact Statement would be required.


Trail said Steve Hansen told him the same thing.  


 VI.            Adjourn:

Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to adjourn, second by Clark Fawcett.  Bob-yes, Kerry-yes, Clark-yes.  Motion carried at 4:45pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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