Regular Meeting

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 6:00pm

City Council Chambers, 111 South Main Street

LaVerkin, Utah 84745


Present:  Chair Anna Andregg; Commissioners: Kelly Wilson, Allen Bice, and Hugh Howard Staff:  Derek Imlay, Kyle Gubler, Kevin Bennett and Christy Ballard; Public: Richard Hirschi.


Commissioner Karl Benson has been excused.  


I.             Call to Order:  Chair Anna Andregg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.  The Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance was given by Richard Hirschi.


II.          Approval of Minutes: 

Commission may approve the minutes of the April 8, 2015 regular meeting.


Motion was made by Commissioner Kelly Wilson to approve the April 8, 2015 regular meeting minutes as written, second by Commissioner Allen Bice.  Andregg-yes, Hugh-yes, Wilson-yes, Bice-yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


III.       Approval of  the Agenda

           Motion was made by Commissioner Hugh Howard to approve the agenda as written,                    second by Commissioner Kelly Wilson.  Bice-yes, Andregg-yes, Wilson-yes, Howard-yes.              Motion carried unanimously.


IV.              Reports:

1.      Beautification/Trails Committee-Kyle reported the white washing of the “L” was       cancelled due to the weather.  They had a discussion on Founders Day and several other         activities that have been completed.  Founders Day received a lot of positive feedback.  The City Council has decided to make it an annual event.     

2.      Director of Operations- Derek reported the State Street Construction Project is almost a month behind and extremely over budget due to the poor soil conditions.                                 The project will not work over the Memorial Day weekend.

Interstate Rock has not decided how to handle traffic when they re-do 500 North. 

Chief Lee attended the meeting to discuss the increased number of accidents along SR9 and the fact there is no place for vehicles to go when there is an accident.  To try to cut down on the amount of accidents, signs have been placed in Hurricane, Toquerville, and Virgin warning of road construction and sudden stops.  They are also talking about putting double fines for speeding.  The speed limit is still 40 mph but that may be changing.  

            The people that presented the vacation home rental/RV community discussion at the last meeting have decided to move forward with just vacation home rentals and no RV parking.    They are working toward bringing something back to the City.


Kevin reported that the zoning and maintenance ordinances would be back on the City Council agenda as a presentation and discussion to try to clear up some of the issues the Councilmembers have.


Kyle reported the new restaurant is hoping to be open by the middle of June. 


Kevin explained the Councilmembers had a lot of questions on the vacation home/bed and breakfast ordinance and the item was tabled without a future date to bring it back.  Since that meeting, he has not heard from the Councilmembers concerning this so it will be back on the agenda as a discussion to receive input so the ordinance can move forward.


Councilman Hirschi reported the Councilmembers and the citizens that came felt the ordinances were too restrictive.


Kyle mentioned he felt the Councilmembers were okay with vacation homes, it was the details in regulating them they had issues with.   Kyle gave some examples of the concerns expressed.


There was a discussion about the concerns of allowing RV parks.      


V.                 Business:

1.      Presentation and discussion on requirements and allowed uses in proposed Transition Zones.

Derek mentioned in the packet was a partial list of proposed businesses for a transition zone.  He also passed out a zoning map with the possible transition zone marked. 

He has separated the proposed transition zone into two categories; the one closest to SR9 is the middle transition zone and then a lower transition zone before turning into residential. 

This idea came from several complaints from residents whose back yards are against commercial businesses.  The transition zone would allow residential homes along with certain types of businesses (businesses with lesser impact) that would act as a type of buffer from the strictly commercial to the strictly residential zone.   

Derek commented that what he likes about this idea is that if a person opens a business in a home and decides later to turn it back into a residence, they can.

On the map, he tried not to divide parcels so the proposed zone follows property lines.


Kevin stated there have been issues between businesses on State Street and the neighboring residents adjacent to them.  Trying to prevent future issues similar to these with our limited money and space is the idea behind the transition zone.  A business with low light and traffic is the type of business that would be allowed in these zones, at the same time allowing residential homes as well.  This mixed-use zone gives more flexibility to the property owners, and the City would like to see if we could reduce the friction between commercial enterprises and the residents that are next to them.  It is not strictly commercial and not strictly residential.  This zone is often where cities will put rentals, he understands the Planning Commission doesn’t want rentals in the Downtown area but they would fit into a mixed zone.


Commissioner Bice likes the mixed-use idea.  He feels it maximizes people being able to use their property the way they would like without putting things in the commercial zone that we don’t want.  He also mentioned he liked the size of the proposed transition zone on the map. 


Commissioner Howard is in favor of this new zone, he likes the flexibility.


Commissioner Andregg said she liked it too.


Kevin discussed the recession from the 1980’s and buildings that had been used as a commercial business falling apart because businesses had closed and they were not able to do anything with them.  The mixed-use zone will help to eliminate this by allowing those buildings that are able to go back and forth to be used during bad economic times as well. 


Derek said the map follows property lines, if the Commissioners don’t like that it can be changed.  He likes the concept but it needs more allowable uses.  The lighting, landscaping, parking, and noise ordinances regulations should be required.        

The Commissioners need to decide if they like the concept, if so what type of businesses would be allowed in the zone, and if they like the size of the proposed zone.


Kevin commented if the City wants to bring in a rich variety of merchants and people to serve our community we need to have a place for them to function when they get here.  Sometimes it not just the city that is or is not business friendly, sometimes it’s the people and the way the community is set up. 


Commissioner Andregg asked if the Commissioners had any more ideas for the low impact list. 


Commissioner Bice wondered if the type of impact could be listed and not specific businesses.


Kevin replied that could be done.


The low-level impact businesses should have low traffic and noise.    


Kevin discussed home occupations and the danger of “all or nothing” type thinking.  Home occupations typically are businesses done inside the home but a bike repair shop cannot run entirely inside a home and can’t afford to be in the Commercial Zone.  Without a mixed-use zone, where are they supposed to go? 

These types of businesses already exist within the City.  We need to find a way to facilitate and mitigate.

To move forward with the mixed-use zone, the Commissioners need to identify the standards for it.


Derek suggested the Commissioners think about it, right down their ideas and bring those to the next meeting to continue the discussion.


The wording and differences for the two different areas within the mixed-use zone will need to be decided on. 


There was a discussion on different restrictions for parking, noise, delivery times, hazardous materials, etc. and what restrictions could be enforceable. 

It was suggested using setbacks to regulate the location of certain types of businesses within the mixed-use zone instead of dividing the zone into two parts, like not allowing a business that may be offensive to homeowners within 100 feet of a residential zone. 


Commissioner Andregg instructed the Commissioners to think about what they would like to see in the mixed-use zone and be ready to discuss it at the next meeting on June 10th.   


VI.              Adjourn:


Motion was made by Commissioner Hugh Howard to adjourn, second by Commissioner Kelly Wilson.  Andregg-yes, Bice-yes, Howard-yes, Wilson-yes.  Motion carried unanimously at 7:02pm.



Minutes taken on behalf of the City Recorder by Christy Ballard.

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