Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP

Clark Fawcett                           Hurricane City



Ken Hooten                             La Verkin City Council

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Steve Meismer                         VRP                            

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Bob Sandberg called the meeting to order at 4:05pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 

            Motion was made by Clark Fawcett to approve the September 17, 2014 minutes as amended, second by Ken Hooten.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Business:                      

A.    Access Points Grant update-Kathleen Nielson

Kathleen reported the project has officially received permission to start.  Kathleen met with Todd Edwards, the County Engineer, to discuss the layout of the Hurricane Trailhead.  He will be meeting with Arthur from Hurricane to do some mapping and suggested the Board meet on location to make sure they are okay with everything.

They are moving forward with the idea that the monument will never be part of the Park.

            The parking lot is circular and will require a little cutting into the hillside.  The original plan was to put a fence around the parking lot but there are so many usable rocks that they talked about putting a berm around the parking lot with larger rocks along the top to deter ATV’s from riding on them.  Todd and Arthur will make sure the berm doesn’t cause any drainage issues.

There will still be fencing put in around the perimeter of the trailhead. 

            Todd mentioned there is roto mill by Harrisburg and Kathleen wondered if any of that would be available to use on this project.


Clark wasn’t sure what Hurricane was planning on doing with the entire pile but thought some of it could be used for the trailhead.  There may also be some road base that could be used as well. 


There is a pile of roto mill in St. George and State Street in La Verkin is being re-done. Bob will check with UDOT to see if that project will have any that could be used.


Ken Hooten wondered about using cinders and mentioned there is a cinder hill near the entrance of Red Cliff’s Desert Reserve.   He will also check with Kyle Gubler, who is working with UDOT on the State Street project and see if he can find out about getting some roto mill. 


Bob has talked to UDOT and they have a project in St. George starting in April or May that will have material available. 


Kathleen mentioned talking to UDOT about putting in a mini park at the SR9 location since they are re-doing State Street. 

            She would also like to issue a letter to residents along the overlook inviting them to come to the Park and also asking them to please be aware of noises or anything suspicious along with the numbers they can call to report.    


B.     Discuss Master Plan and set priorities

Bob read the short term recommendations from the Master Plan on page 7.  Some of the items have been completed, some have not and others are a work in progress. 

            The Master Plan breaks the Park down into several different areas each with specific things that need to be done, such as the pond area. 

Bob asked if anyone had any thoughts or ideas of things that they feel like were a priority.  He also asked if there was anything anyone felt needed to be added to, or changed from, the Plan.

            Once this latest grant is complete he feels the irrigation needs to be the top priority to get the fields irrigated and then try to stabilize the buildings.


Steve said that Confluence Park has come further since 2001 than he thought it would. 


Bob thanked Kathleen for getting the grants and the inertia to do all of the projects. 

People are always complimenting the Park. 


Kathleen commented the Hurricane Trailhead is the only spot in this project that will have interpretive signage.  La Verkin Center Street and SR9 will have plaque like signs. 

The map will be a duplicate.  What other kinds of interpretation would the Committee like to see?  She feels a panel on geology would be appropriate there because that is where you can see the entire concept of the formation of the canyon and all of the different materials. 


Ken would like a panel on the native flora and the fauna and agrees the geology is a good idea.  The history of the peoples would be good also.  Those would be duplicate panels but there will be people who only visit the Hurricane Trailhead and not the La Verkin side.


Kathleen said that would be the three panels. 


Bob asked if everyone is comfortable with following the Master Plan and the short term recommendations as well as the Park area break down.   


There was a discussion on if water could be put into the pond.  Right now there is no way of getting the water to it and the cut is slowly taking away the ability for the old pond to hold water.  Above the old pond, Ash Creek’s settling area, is now the better spot or the old irrigation pond on the Wood’s property. 


Steve pointed out that mother nature has done exactly what the engineers said needed to happen at the confluence of Ash Creek and La Verkin Creek in terms of spring restoration.    


C.    Funding/budget alternatives

Bob has turned in a request to the County Commission for a budget other than from the HCP. 

He also thought Mayor Wilson from La Verkin told him at one point La Verkin had passed a resolution to allow the City to assess a fee and that hasn’t been implemented. 

These were ideas he had of ways to get a budget to try and push things forward. 


Steve asked if the RAP Tax could help.


Bob said he was told Confluence Park could get some money from it if it is passed.

The majority of the money will go to cities but 15% will go to the County.


Clark mentioned Hurricane has several big projects they would like to do with the money if it passes. 

They will start promoting the Hurricane Trailhead once the project is complete. 


Kathleen mentioned the Hurricane Trailhead needs to be more modern because it’s in a residential zone.


Ken will see if La Verkin passed the resolution.      


D.    Historic building stabilization

E.     Acquiring irrigation water

F.     Fill dirt/trail material

G.    Feed barn demolition

H.    Scout Projects

Bob explained these items have all been covered in the past.  He wondered if anyone had any new ideas on any of the items. 


Kathleen wondered if signage put up around the old power plant would help alleviate the vandalism or help with getting support from people to stabilize it in some way.


Bob said he has had citizens call him concerned with the graffiti and have even gone down and painted over it.  People have also shown some interest in the dairy. 


Clark suggested going through the Historical Society to see if they could help.


Kathleen will look into that, typically they give 50/50 match grants.


Clark mentioned picking a day to have the County and the different cities crews down there and remove the feed barn.


Steve thought maybe Rocky Mountain Power would be interested in putting some money into the power station.


Kathleen will check with them.

It may be a good idea to put up warning signs for liability purposes.


I.       ATV/handicap access

Bob has received a couple of comments/requests for the Park to be more handicap friendly.  It is a primitive park, not a city park.  There has been a request for a handicap child to use an ATV to get down to the Park off of Center Street.  They were told no, but he wanted to have a discussion just to see what everyone’s thoughts were. 

Right now there are gates and locks and without them everyone would be down there with not only ATV’s, but full size vehicles.


The easements don’t allow for ATV’s.  There is also the concern that if one person gets an exception or is allowed then everyone will think they can do it too.


Ken pointed out that these are all reasons the ADA was created, because there have always been these types arguments.  If Confluence Park has allowed people to drive into the Park for certain activities then we should continue to do that. 


Clark stated the Federal Law and the Federal Government state different things.  As far as he is concerned, Confluence is a city park so it should be handicap accessible but then there are conservation easements that state it can’t be.

He feels the Park should be accessible but doesn’t feel that ATV’s should be allowed free reign.


Bob feels that if there is an activity a handicap person would like to have access to it is okay but not to allow any day, any time access.  That would be very problematic.


The piece of property at the end of Center Street that doesn’t appear to belong to anyone was brought up and discussed.  Bob did receive a message from EJ Graff’s son stating they don’t have any record of owning it.

Bob will follow up with the County Attorney’s office.   


 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

No comments were made.


    V.            Board members concerns:

Bob reported Rocky Mountain Power has a tree trimming company that will be in the Park in the next couple of weeks trimming the trees underneath the power lines. 

            Cameron was able to get a Tree Utah Grant to replace some of the trees, so on November 15th they will be planting trees and could use some help.  If anyone know of a small group who would be interested in helping send them to Bob.

            Please double check the restroom cleaning schedule, some of the weeks have been missed.  


Steve will be stocking woundfin tomorrow.  


 VI.            Adjourn:


Motion was made by Ken Hooten to adjourn, second by Clark Fawcett.  Motion carried at 5:12pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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