Wednesday, November 27, 2013 5:00 p.m.

435 North Main Street, LaVerkin, UT

Present:  Kyle Gubler, Anna Andregg, Norman Gubler, Doug Gubler, Henry Hillburn, and Troylinn Benson.

Victor Iverson, Virgil Bice, Derek Imlay and Mayor Karl Wilson were not present.


There is a quorum but not a chair or chair pro tem present.

Motion was made by Kyle Gubler to elect Anna Andregg as Chair Pro-Tem, second by Doug Gubler.  Motion carried unanimously. 


I.                    Call to Order by Chair Pro-Tem Anna Andregg at 5:00pm. Invocation by Norman Gubler.

II.                 Approval of Minutes:  August 28, 2013 minutes


Motion was made by Kyle Gubler to approve the August 28, 2013 minutes as written, second by Norman Gubler.  Motion carried unanimously.


III.               Reports: 

A.     Financials – Karl Wilson

Mayor Wilson is not present to report. 

Kyle and Troylinn went over the budget and things look good.

Doug took the water out yesterday, November 26th.  The system looks good and he did flush it.  All of the drains are open.  Troylinn will be notifying the citizens to drain their systems and to leave their taps on.


Kyle reported the audit came in good; none of the items were for the Water Board.  The main finding is always segregation of duties.  We will get that every year because of the size of our city. 

B.     Culinary Water Management Update

Doug reported there are no problems.

C.                 Irrigation Management Update

Already reported on it item A.    

                  D.  Water usage

                        1.  Culinary Water

Doug sent the information in last week and will again this coming week.  Mayor Wilson is the one who tracks it and creates the report.


Troylinn will be doing the report from now on.


Norman asked if the information was available online.

Kyle replied that it isn’t but that we could get it to him if he would like it.


With all of the rain we received last weekend the irrigation use was way down.

                        2.  Secondary Water


                  E.  Jan McConkie

Jan called and canceled, her issue was resolved.  Derek reported on this at the last meeting. 

The irrigation line dead ends at her property, there is another line across the street but we would have to go under 200 N to attach and make a loop system.  It would be nice if we could do that for her but right now we don’t have the funds.


Anna asked Doug if the valve by Prince’s property has been fixed.

Doug will get with Anna to find the location of the valve and check it.


Doug reported when he opened the line to drain the water coming into the City by the filter station it was black mud.


              F. Water Contracts-Kyle Gubler

Kyle handed out a list of people wishing to sell their shares and also people who owe money.  December 2nd is when the next letter will be sent out to those people.  There is $1,224 total that is past due.  Two thirds of that is one account.

Kyle went over the process the City goes through to take the water back.

IV.     Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

Henry Hillburn lives by Dick Prince and has no irrigation water pressure during the summertime.  He would like the City to put in a secondary pump so he can get 45psi.


There was a discussion of different ways to fix the issue.

Kyle will make sure it is added to the next agenda in February.


Doug will get Henry a copy of the line map.


Henry asked about putting in settling ponds.

Kyle answered the City did look into that however the cost to put one in is in the millions.  The operation of it is also an additional expense.


The Water Conservancy District is working on the diversion dam so that should help clean the water.


Henry asked about the size of water lines around his house. 


Doug replied the line behind Dick Prince’s house is a three inch line.  If Mr. Hillburn would like change his line to three inch he will need to go through the City to do that.  If it is on someone else’s property he will need to get an easement.


Kyle will bring the issue up in a staff meeting.  It may be a good idea to brainstorm with Mr. Hillburn before the next Water Board meeting so an idea can be presented at the next meeting.

V.        Board members concerns:

Anna asked if the Board members could get financials for culinary water and the drainage funds.


Kyle said that those are public documents so it shouldn’t be a problem.  He will ask the new mayor how he would like to handle getting that information to this meeting.

VI.     Adjourn

Motion was made by Norman Gubler to adjourn the meeting, second by Doug Gubler.  Motion carried unanimously at 5:35pm.


Minutes were done by Troylinn Benson and Christy Ballard

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