Regular Meeting

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 6:00pm

City Council Chambers, 111 South Main Street

LaVerkin, Utah 84745


Present:  Chair Anna Andregg; Commissioners: Linda Prince, Karl Benson, Kelly Wilson; Staff:  Derek Imlay, and Troylinn Benson; Public: Richard Hirschi, Mike Madsen, and John & Rose Valenti.


Commissioners Hugh Howard and Allen Bice have been excused.


I.             Call to Order:  Chair Anna Andregg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.  The Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance was given by Linda Prince.


II.          Approval of Minutes: 

Commission may approve the minutes of the February 12, 2014 regular meeting.

 Motion was made by Commissioner Karl Benson to approve the February 12, 2014 regular meeting minutes as written, second by Commissioner Linda Prince.  Motion carried unanimously.

 III.       Approval of Agenda

                         Motion was made by Commissioner Karl Benson to approve the agenda as written, second by Commissioner Kelly Wilson.  Motion carried unanimously. 

 IV.             Reports:

1.      Beautification/Trails Committee-No one to report.

2.      Economic Development Committee-Kyle is not present to report.

3.      Director of Operations- The Silver Acres Project started on Tuesday.  It was scheduled to start in February but Derek has two members of his crew out for surgery so he asked for the project start date to be extended. 

The Road Improvement Project is half way complete.  The crack seal was put down and now Hollbrook is waiting for the temperature to be 55 degrees and rising to put the emulsion down.

Doug and John are both still out on medical leave.  They are both doing fine and should be back to work soon.

The hotel has extended its opening date from April 1st to May 6th.


V.                 Business:

1.      Presentation and discussion of conceptual layout of Interstate Rock’s phase one.

Derek explained that Interstate Rock would like to request a zone change to R-1-8 from R-A-1 for the section marked in green on the map that was included in the packet for this business item.  Interstate was  originally wanting to start with the high density housing but have run into some issues with the City’s current R-3-6 zone so they will continue to work with the City to get those issues worked out.  Tonight they want to move forward with the R-1-8 section of the proposed project.  If approved tonight the public hearing for the proposed change will be April 9th.

 Mike Madsen from Interstate Rock Products stated that his company needs to make money on this project and high density will be the only way to do that.  The problem Interstate is having with the current R-3-6 zone is the parking and the 6,000 square foot requirement.  Mike doesn’t like parking lots; he feels they are not visually appealing and that the area would be better served as open space.  The 6,000 square feet only gives enough room for a 1, 2, 3, or 4 plex and Interstate needs to build 8 plexes.  He would like the Planning Commission to discuss that option.  He also mentioned that if La Verkin doesn’t welcome the new elementary school there will be no growth for La Verkin.

 Commissioner Benson asked what the issues with the R-3-6 were and what the Commissioners could do to help find something that works for Interstate and La Verkin.

 Mike replied that clustering is a good idea, similar to PUD’s, and reasonable parking.  He feels 4 spots per unit is a lot. 

Focusing on zoning quality and not quantity and working with 8 plexes.  

 Commissioner Andregg pointed out that the average size family is 4, which would put 368 people in the high density areas.

 Derek mentioned he is concerned with the upkeep of the parking lot, especially if the units are owned by individual people.  The required four off road parking spots are two in the garage and two in the driveway. 

He suggested leaving the front end of the project open for future trail heads to connect to Confluence Park and the trails on the east side of La Verkin.

A PUD that would allow clustering would be a good thing for the City and the developer.  Interstate would be able to have their high density and it would be a nice area in La Verkin transitioning from the R-1-8 in Zion View to the higher density then back to R-1-8 and on to the larger parcels to the north.

 Commissioner Benson mentioned the property owners on the south side of the current elementary school complain of noise and dust, and asked if the parcels next to the new school going to have the same issues.

 Mike replied that there are a lot of people who want to be next to the school.  Developers charge more for those lots.  The parcels will be next to the field that is around the school.  If La Verkin allows the new elementary school to come in and works with Interstate Rock on allowing the high density section of the project, so a profit can be made, he feels it will be a nice addition to La Verkin and the trail system.

 Commissioner Wilson asked when construction of the elementary school was scheduled to start.

 Derek reported he will be meeting with the school district on extending Main Street 600 feet. 

 Mike said that Interstate Rock will be paying for the street from Main and SR17 to the new school.

 Commissioner Andregg said that if the zone changed is approved, there will need to be a public hearing and then go to the City Council for final approval. 

 Motion was made by Commissioner Kelly Wilson to approve the requested zone change from an R-A-1 to an R-1-8, second by Commissioner Karl Benson.  Commissioner Andregg-yes, Commissioner Wilson-yes, Commissioner Benson-yes, Commissioner Prince-no.

 Commissioner Prince is not in favor of high density.

 Derek will have everything taken care of for the public hearing on April 9th.

Kevin will put together a draft ordinance on vacation rentals for the Planning Commission to approve.

 There was a discussion on whether or not the School District will build the new elementary school. 

 Richard Hirschi mentioned there was too much money spent on the new high school and it is too big for our needs so he doesn’t think they will build another school in the valley.

 Commissioner Wilson pointed out that eventually they will need to.  Children from Toquerville are being bussed to Hurricane because we have outgrown La Verkin’s elementary school.

 Mike said that the message La Verkin is sending with the school tax vote from the last election and the lack of willingness for high density areas is that they aren’t interested in growth.  The new elementary school had been on the School Districts agenda but is not now because of this attitude.

 Commissioner Prince stated that La Verkin does want and need growth.

 Mike replied that the zoning needs to be changed to allow high density.  If Interstate Rock can’t make a profit on the project there won’t be a project.

 It was suggested to take a field trip to view Pecan Park in Hurricane.  This is an Interstate Rock development and what they would like to put in La Verkin.  The roads in Pecan Park are smaller than the roads in the La Verkin project will be.  Pecan Park also has a park, La Verkin will have open space.  

 VI.              Adjourn:

 Motion was made by Commissioner Kelly Wilson to adjourn, second by Commissioner Linda Prince.  Motion carried unanimously at 6:45pm.

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