Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP

Clark Fawcett                           Hurricane City

Kerry Gubler                           La Verkin City



Steve Meismer                         Virgin River Program

Trail Kreitzer                           UDWR

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Lucy Ormond                          Hurricane Trails Committee

Ken Hooten                             La Verkin City Council Representative

Gary Bezzant                           UDWR

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Bob Sandberg called the meeting to order at 4:06pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 

            Motion was made by Clark Fawcett to approve the February 19, 2014 minutes as written, second by Ken Hooten.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Business:

A.    Access Points Grant discussion-Kathleen Nielson

The Environmental needs to be complete before any work can start.


Trail reported he came up with a list of threatened or endangered species that could be impacted by this project then went over that list with Rhett Boswell, DWR’s Impact Biologist, they both determined this project would not cause any real threat to anything on that list.  A letter was sent to Bob with that information.

Trail has cleared the areas with the State Archeologist and has given him the language included with the project proposal.  Everything is good to go for that.


Lucy asked if the switchbacks by “turtle road” had been cleared. 

Trail did not clear that.  He has not had a chance to talk to this group about that proposal but feels the park has an adequate trail system which is what the easement states.  He doesn’t think the Park needs more trails.


Lucy said this isn’t necessarily a new trail just a gentle curve alongside the road to help with the steepness of the road. 

Bob suggested putting this topic on a future agenda.


Kathleen passed out a list of things to think about when deciding on the structure along with pictures of different ideas for the kiosk design.  The structure will not be very big. The design will have to fit into what the grant will pay for and what Hurricane prefers.  The grant will not pay for pergolas or shade structures but we can make the kiosk a bit bigger to give some shade.

Kathleen asked Clark to decide what Hurricane would like to see there.

There was a discussion on making a cross over roof with a slant like the one on the proposed bathroom to let the wind blow through. 


Clark mentioned he likes the cross over roof but doesn’t mind the single roof structure either.  He doesn’t think the structure needs to be very big.  He would like to have a bench or picnic table there for people to set and wait for other people in their group to hike but doesn’t want it to be a gathering place.   


Kathleen mentioned it would look better if the kiosk and bathroom had the same type of roof.

She also pointed out this area is the one place people can see the entire park and thought it would be nice to have the map almost flat so finding different areas would be easier.  The only problem could be the south sun.


Trail would like to keep the structure as small and simple as possible. 


Ken Hooten asked about the possibility of purchasing the property for a trail head on SR17.


Kathleen explained they would like to and have talked to the property owner but it all comes down to money.


Ken will mention that to Mayor Gubler.


Bob said the Park does have an easement on that property and that is what we will work with on this grant.  


B.     Hurricane Waterline Protection Project-Bob Sandberg

The project is now complete.  There is a huge pile of dirt left over from the project.

The area has been seeded, hopefully it will grow.


There is a lot of fill dirt we have no use for.  So if anyone knows a contractor that would like to purchase it or if any of the cities need it, send them to Bob.  He did contact Ash Creek and they were not interested.

The only thing Bob thought the Park could use it for would be the rocky part and the sandy part of the road from the Wilkinson Dairy to the old granary, if the material is suitable for that.

Mayor Gubler arrived at 4:45pm.


C.    Emergency Access/Locks-Bob Sandberg

Bob wanted to make sure all of the cities have the access code to the locked gates for emergency access.


D.    Extra fill dirt-Bob Sandberg

Discussed with item B.


E.     Wilkinson Dairy-Bob Sandberg

Bob reported a citizen called and wanted to clean the Dairy Barn.  They will be painting over the graffiti and cleaning the area up if the Committee is okay with that.

The Master Plan does talk about restoring the Dairy Barn and making it a useful part of the Park.


Mayor Gubler wondered if the barn was in good enough condition to keep or if it will continue to be the target of vandalism.


Bob replied that the Master Plan does specifically state keeping it so that would need to be changed and he does feel the more popular the Park gets the less issue we have had with vandalism.


Kathleen suggested placing signs at the historical places in the Park to help raise awareness of the value and history of the buildings.   That may help with the vandalism.


It was also suggested using groups wanting to do a service project or community service individuals to help maintain the area.


Kathleen will look for a grant to pay for signage.


F.     Fire use/restrictions/prevention-Bob Sandberg

There will be a Cub Scout group going down to the Park tomorrow.  They would like to take a portable fire ring with them to the area south of the parking lot.  Bob wondered if Hurricane or La Verkin has any fire restrictions and if anyone had any objections to the County making the decision as far as whether or not to allow fires.  He thinks there maybe another month to allow fires but that would be all. 

The permanent fire ring area was not big enough for the group.


Mayor Gubler thinks the more people who use the Park the better and it won’t be long until fires will not be allowed. 

Clark agreed.

Trail mentioned there are a lot of tumble weeds in that area that won’t take long to burn.

Kathleen pointed out that when the grant for the trail head was being discussed this was the type of use the Committee hoped for.

G.    Group use and reservation-Bob Sandberg

For the Board/Committee’s information the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve website has a link to the Confluence Park website.  There you will find the forms that need to be filled out when wanting to have an activity in the Park.  The citizens can be directed there for any questions, a list of rules and the permission forms.

There is a rules sign at the kiosk and camping is not allowed in the parking area.


Trail would like to see camping limited to certain areas so that everyone feels comfortable while being in the Park.  


H.    Upcoming Events-Bob Sandberg

Bob reminded the Board and Committee of the two upcoming events; the Wilderness Fest on the La Verkin side on April 25th and the Color County Natural Resources Camp on the Hurricane side April 8th.


 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

No comments were made.


  1. Board members concerns:

Steve reported 3,100 Woundfin Minnow were stocked just below La Verkin Creek about a week ago.


Bob went to the HCP Advisory Committee and requested “other sensitive species” funds to purchase water shares for Confluence Park.  The Committee asked Bob to come up with an irrigation or habitat plan on how the water will be used and how it will benefit other species.   Bob felt like it would be best for members of this group to work on that plan.


 VI.            Adjourn:


Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to adjourn, second by Kerry Gubler.  Motion carried unanimously at 5:14pm.

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