Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP

Clark Fawcett                           Hurricane City

Kerry Gubler                           La Verkin City




Steve Meismer                         Virgin River Program

Trail Kreitzer                           UDWR

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Kenneth Hooten                      La Verkin City Council

Brad Langston                         Toquerville City Council

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City

Ray Justice                              La Verkin City

Scott Heinecke                         St. George News


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Kerry Gubler called the meeting to order at 4:05pm.

  1. Approve Minutes: 

            Motion was made by Clark Fawcett to approve the November 20, 2013 minutes as written, second by Bob Sandberg.  Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Business:

A.    Confluence Park History update-Kathleen Nielson & Bob Sandberg

Bob said this presentation will hopefully explain the purpose of the board, review what has been accomplished since this board has been in place and also what it hopes to accomplish in the future.

            Kathleen explained that the property was purchased from three different property owners and that the Virgin River Land Preservation Association worked to get it to the County.  The County took it over but they have no parks department so they gave it to Bob to manage when he became the Director of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  The committee was formed involving the three communities that are part of Confluence Park along with the County and DWR who have the easement that overlays the entire area.  The purpose of the easement is to keep the park as an open natural space.  US Fish and Wildlife Service along with other benefactors who helped VRLPA purchase the property want the property protected, which is where the idea of the easement came from.

There is a Confluence Park Master Plan which was signed off by the County Commission.  The Confluence Park Committee is a recommending body to the County Commission who makes sure the Park is moving forward in accordance to that master plan and within the sideboards of the easements. 

            Kathleen is the grant writer for the Park.  All of the grants require a match and so far all three of the cities and the County have been very generous in donating time and equipment to meet the match requirements which have all been 50/50 match grants.

            There are water shares which have been purchased by the Virgin River Land Trust for Confluence Park but the Park needs to buy them before they can be used.


Kathleen went over the different grants that have been completed along with a slide presentation showing before and after pictures and explained the projects planned for the new grant that was just received.   

B.     Restoration Grant completion-Kathleen Nielson

The money has not been received yet but the paperwork has all been completed and turned in.

C.    Access Points Grant discussion-Kathleen Nielson

Bob passed out copies of the plan for each entry point.


Kathleen showed where the monument from the Sons of the Utah Pioneers is located on the Hurricane entry point and explained that Hurricane would like to continue the road that goes in front of that property over to 100 W.  She then explained the changes that would make to the plan and the need to purchase that property.

            Trail reported his Salt Lake Office’s main concern was if it was necessary and would fit into the intended purpose of the Park which Trail feels it does.

D.    Land Exchange discussion-Bob Sandberg

Bob started by explaining the property at the end of Center Street in La Verkin with the monument looks like it is part of Confluence Park but it is one parcel of property that has no ownership listed on it.  There has also been a land exchange between La Verkin and a property owner whose house has encroached on Center Street which changes the official location of Center Street.  The County is trying to get the parcel of property with no owner listed through a quiet title to include in Confluence Park.


The potential land exchange on the Hurricane side is with Lane Blackmore and/or his companies.  Bob explained on the map the parcels that would be involved in the proposed exchange.  They will need approval from DWR since the conservation easement overlays the properties. 

This exchange would be a good thing.  It would allow Hurricane to continue the road and improve access to the parking area.

E.     Hurricane Waterline Protection Project-Bob Sandberg

Bob reported that in December 2010 there was a flood that damaged some property in the Park and compromised Hurricane’s water line.  There has finally been an approval to do something to protect the water line and associated property.  The County has received funding from the NRCS so they, along with Hurricane City, will be excavating and putting in a rock wall over the top of Hurricane’s waterline then backfill over the top of it.  Hurricane will deepen the waterline in Confluence Park and hopefully that will protect the waterline and the property while still farming over the top of it.

The engineers estimate they will have about 5,000 cubic yards of earth that will need to go somewhere.  There are three different places in the Park it could go.  Bob explained where one of the spots was on the map.  The other two are the road that goes from the dairy barn down to the beach area and to level the old fields where people try to park. 

There is also a low area south of the parking lot that could use some. 


Trail suggested an area in Hurricane that could be filled in.

Bob said they are not willing to truck the dirt.

Trail doesn’t think DWR will have any objection to using the extra dirt to level out spots.  They don’t want to stand in the way of enforcing the waterline.


Mayor Gubler suggested asking Ash Creek if they would like it for their property down there.


Steve reported there will be a pre-bid meeting on the 23rd at 9am for this project and two other projects damaged in the flood as well. 


Bob explained the Confluence Park project will be the last one started.  The projects need to work around the Virgin River fish spawning period which ends April 15th.  

F.     Water Share acquisition discussion-Bob Sandberg

Bob explained when the property was purchased the water shares did not come with it.  Virgin River Land Trust holds water shares on La Verkin’s irrigation system that they are willing to sell.  Bob has been trying to find a way to purchase the shares so the fields can be irrigated.  

He went to the Habitat Advisory Committee who helps manage the funds for the HCP.  There is a provision allowing some of the money collected from the Tortoise Impact Fee to benefit other species so he asked if Confluence Park could get some of that money as a grant match to purchase water.  The HAC had a few questions so Bob is working on answering them.

There is a waterline down there on Ash Creek Sewer District’s property but Bob is not sure the condition of it and it doesn’t go all the way to the fields.  That would be the next project after the water is purchased.

G.    Wildlife Damage discussion- Bob Sandberg

Bob reported there are still issues with beaver.  He is working with DWR and local trappers but if anyone knows any scout troops who would be willing to paint the trees with a paint/sand mixture send them to Bob.

There is also a lot of gopher damage and deer damage. 

H.    Restroom cleaning questions-Bob Sandberg

There was a schedule included in the packet.

Bob just went over the schedule and explained where things were and what needed to be done.


There is a homeless person staying down there on County property, the sheriff’s office has been notified.

 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

Christy reported that Lucy would like everyone to know the Hurricane City Trails Committee is having a trail work day Saturday Jan. 25th.  They will have about 40 volunteers and would like Hurricane’s Road Department to place a pile of milled asphalt down by the dump trail that volunteers could spread on that trail to keep the glass pieces from surfacing.


Clark replied that Lucy had talked to the Road Department and they would be happy to do it but there is an issue of being able to get the material down there.  The road needs some work done on it.  So Lucy will need to find out if that got taken care of.


Bob asked who would be in charge of that.  He met with Rachel Devor and gave them some material to put in a step over on the Northwest of Main Street.  Rachel told Bob then that Hurricane was concerned with being able to get down the road so Bob drove down it and didn’t have any problems.  The only thing he could see was rocks in the road.

Bob will call Mike and Larry to work something out.

  1. Board members concerns:

Steve Meismer reported that sometime in March they will be stocking Woundfin Minnow in the Virgin River.


Kathleen said she thought we would be getting a lot of road base from the County, now they are not sure how much they can give us if any.  She asked if anyone knows of any resources we could get road base or something similar to improve the trials with.


Hurricane has some but Clark didn’t know how much.


 VI.            Adjourn:


Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to adjourn, second by Clark Fawcett.  Motion carried unanimously at 5:20pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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