Confluence Park Executive Board and

Technical Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 4:00 p.m.

435 N. Main, LaVerkin, Utah


Board Members:

Bob Sandberg                          Washington County – HCP




Lucy Ormond                          Hurricane Trails Committee

Kathleen Nielson                     Grant Writer

Ray Justice                              La Verkin City

 Brad Langston                                    Toquerville City

Christy Ballard                         La Verkin City

Charles Hardy                          La Verkin Stake Scouting


Karl Wilson and Clark Fawcett are not present.


       I.            Meeting Called to Order:  Ray Justice called the meeting to order at 4:05pm.


  1. Approve Minutes: 

Motion was made by Bob Sandberg to approve the September 18, 2013 minutes as written, second by Brad Langston.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Business:

A.    La Verkin Stake Scout Service Project -Bob Sandberg

Bob reported the project is scheduled for Saturday October 26th.  They will be planting 50 trees.  To replace the trees that have died from the gophers.

The drip irrigation system is already in. 

Charles Hardy is in charge of the project.  He anticipates at least 100 boys from the boy scouts and about 100 from the cub scouts.  The project begins at 9:00 with the cub scouts coming at 10:30.  The cubs will be spreading the wood chips and organizing the trails and the boy scouts will be planting the trees.  There will be a couple Rhino’s the adults will be using to help move the wood chips easier. 

They will be serving a light lunch and finish up between 12-1pm. 

The press has been invited to attend.


Bob has ordered the trees. 


Kathleen reminded Charles to have sign-in sheets and to take pictures for grant purposes. 



B.     Restoration Grant update- Kathleen Nielson

Bob reported that BA Robinson Tree Service has been contracted to cut the Russian Olive and Tamarisk.  They will also be planting additional trees, mainly along La Verkin Creek but if they get far enough they will plant some along the River.

The weeds have been sprayed on the La Verkin side.  

This grant needs to be finalized by the end of November. 

C.    Access Points Grant update-Kathleen Nielson

Kathleen has talked to Trail and he felt that their staff archeologist would be able to do the environmental work.  That will be a great help to us because grant money cannot be used for that.

            Trail also mentioned to Kathleen he hadn’t heard back from his Salt Lake office on the possible land exchange. 

D.    Hurricane H.S. 5K Run Oct. 19th-Bob Sandberg

Bob received a call after the last meeting wanting approval to have a 5K run on the 19th.  It would follow the same route as the last 5K and all proceeds will be given to the high school track team.  He gave them a tentative okay telling them he will confirm with them after this meeting.  He will also let them know the goat head weeds may be bad.

E.     La Verkin Winterfest 5K-Bob Sandberg  

Bob was contacted from the person in charge of the La Verkin Winterfest 5K.  They are interested in doing a 5K on the La Verkin side the first weekend in December.  He didn’t have much more information than that.


Kathleen commented it is exciting everyone wants to do stuff in Confluence.  She is still looking for a way to put a bridge in.


 IV.            Public Concerns for Board Consideration:

No comments were made.


  1. Board members concerns:

Bob reminded the committee members that we need to find a way to purchase water rights for the agriculture fields in Confluence Park.

At one time we were going to partner with Ash Creek Sewer District when they were planning on building a new treatment facility.  Now they are not planning on building a new facility for several years. 

Bob talked to the County Commissioners and they referred him to the HCP.  He is on their agenda to see if they would be interested in helping purchase water shares.

There are people interested in leasing/renting/sharecropping the property if we can get water to it.


Brad Langston asked if the Conservancy District owned all of the water rights.


Ray Justice replied that La Verkin City owns water shares that they lease to citizens or people can purchase water shares from private citizens that own them.  Kyle Gubler has a list of people who are interested in selling their water shares.


There was a discussion of how much water would be needed and what size of pipe it would take. 

Bob said there is 40 plus acres.

When the property was originally being purchased the water shares were included however, according to VRLT during negotiations the price increased so the water shares were taken out of the deal.  VRLT still has those water shares and want them to go to Confluence Park they just want to be reimbursed for them.   


Bob made sure everyone had the restroom cleaning schedule and asked that everyone please stay on schedule.




Motion was made by Brad Langston to adjourn, second by Bob Sandberg.  Motion carried unanimously at 4:50pm.



Minutes taken by Christy Ballard.

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